The Oregon Trail Computer Game Worksheet

Published: 2019-10-16 07:30:00
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Directions: As you experience the Oregon Trail computer game complete the following questions. The game can be located online at ( (Links to an external site.)).

Why were Americans traveling to the Oregon Country?

Americans travel to Oregon with hope of finding opportunity. Oregon has free land and free of diseases. Other Americans moved there on religious purposes.

What are some of the items that you purchased at the general store before setting out on the trail? 200 pounds of flour, 150 pounds of bacon, 10 pounds of coffee, 20 pounds of sugar and 10 pounds of salt. Cooking kettle, frying pan, coffee pot, tin plates, cups, knives and forks.

What is a yoke? How many did you buy?

Yoke is a wooden material that was used to hitch oxen to wagons. One yoke was bought.

Where are you starting off from?


What month did you choose to start your trip? Why did you choose this particular month?

March. This is because this was the first month of spring and it would be advisable to leave early before winter could catch up.

Who did you pick to be when asked between the several people with different trades? Why did you pick this person?

Scout. This is because he could help us to find the trail and help in identifying good spots. They could also give advice wherever a problem arose.

What are some geographical challenges you faced while on the trail?

Rivers were the most frequent challenge I faced. Had to cross the Sweetwater nine times. Mountains and valleys were steep for the wagon. The plains of Nebraska were not accommodating.

What are some biological challenges you faced while on the trail?

Sickness from drinking bad water and milk. Diseases that had no cure such as typhoid, cholera, flu, measles and small pox.

Did anyone in your party die? If so how did they?

Yes. From falling down the wagon and being killed by Indians.

What was the worst decision you made as a player of this game? How did this decision impact your progress? Answer in at least 2 complete sentences. Crossing the river as a group and not one by one therefore leading to drowning of my party members.

How does this game simulate what early settlers went through trying to get to the Oregon Country? Answer in at least a paragraph. The Oregon game simulate the pathway that the early settlers followed. This was the only possible corridor that provided a way to the western part of the United States. The game provide us with the challenges that the settlers faced like the disease, rivers, the plains and the mountains that were hard to navigate.

If you were alive during this time period would you have risked your lives on the Oregon Trail to make it to the Oregon Country? Answer in at least a paragraph. Yes. This is because if at all I made it to Oregon country I would be assured of land and farm lands. At that particular time it was farmlands that made it possible for the survival and economic stability.


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