The Oregon Trail Game Worksheet | Useful Essay Sample for Everyone

Published: 2021-06-14
The Oregon Trail Game Worksheet | Useful Essay Sample for Everyone
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The Oregon Trail Computer Game Worksheet: Answer Key Sample

Directions: As you experience the Oregon Trail computer game with a partner complete the following questions. The game can be located online.

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1. Why were Americans traveling to the Oregon Country?

This is a great opportunity to see a lot of local attractions or religious centers. Many people visit Oregon to be in touch with nature.

2. What are some of the items that you purchased at the general store before setting out on the trail?

One hundred seventy-five pounds of cheese, 136 pounds of chicken, 21 pounds of tea, 31 pounds of sugar, and 8 pounds of salt. The basic set of things included a frying pan, a kettle, a tin pot, a penknife, a flashlight, a multitool, and matches for lighting a fire.

3. What is a yoke? How many did you buy?

One yoke was bought. This is a great option to hitch oxen to wagons and not worry about safety or comfortable movement.

4. Where are you starting off from?


5. What month did you choose to start your trip? Why did you choose this particular month?

April. This is the most favorable month due to the temperature and moderate rainfall, regardless of the territory.

6. Who did you pick to be when asked between the several people with different trades? Why did you pick this person?

Scout. This decision was dictated by the ability of this person to identify a good area for finding trails and receiving important advice if necessary.

7. What are some geographical challenges you faced while on the trail?

High-flowing rivers were a key obstacle. I had to spend a lot of time crossing one distance nine times a day. Another problem is mountainous terrain, as the van cannot cope with steep climbs and descents.

8. What are some biological challenges you faced while on the trail?

Dirty water and rancid meat were the main problems. Smallpox, hepatitis, encephalitis, and anemia were additional negative factors.

9. Did anyone in your party die? If so how did they?

Yes. The main cause was a car accident and fatal incidents with local aborigines.

10. What was the worst decision you made as a player of this game? How did this decision impact your progress? Answer in at least 2 complete sentences.

The main problem was trying to cross the river as a whole group. Because of this, several members of the group went missing or drowned.

11. How does this game simulate what early settlers went through trying to get to the Oregon Country? Answer in at least a paragraph.

The Oregon game allows you to look at how things were. This was the only way to move inland to the west. The game shows the problems, diseases, and dangers of waiting for ordinary people in the real world. This is a fairly realistic simulation in a game format.

12. If you were alive during this time period would you have risked your lives on the Oregon Trail to make it to the Oregon Country? Answer in at least a paragraph.

Yes. It would have been wise since the area was very fertile. The farmers could get a good harvest. This is why Oregon is worth the risk.

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