Free Essay: Human Intervention or Meddling in Ecosystem

Published: 2023-02-27
Free Essay: Human Intervention or Meddling in Ecosystem
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Humans have the potential to meddle to change how species interact with one another in the ecological system. The action and decisions human beings make can either interfere with how species interact in various ecological niches. It is only humans who have the ability and capability to manage the immense ecological relationships. We, as human beings, make decisions that impact the world. We can not wait for the ecological system to change because we are part of the ecological system. We are the system, and we have the responsibility of ensuring that the world is a better place for all species. The decisions humans make and the steps they take will change ecological interactions. Are we doing the right things to ensure that irregularities in the ecological system are corrected? Alternatively, are human beings doing the right thing to write of the irregularities and endanger other species on the ecological system?

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Sometimes, we might be thrilled, and other times, we might be irritated. Do we know what makes us happy? I believe when there is a mutual relationship in the ecological system, humans and other species are so glad. It is, therefore, the responsibility of human beings to identify the irregularities in the ecosystem and find out long-lasting solutions to the ecological issues. Many of us do not play our roles well. We have no impact on the environment. Either positive or negative. We try to live a contented life whereby we do not care about the lives of species we interact with within the ecosystem. Human intervention is all that is needed to bring about balance in the ecosystem. We have the power to stabilize the ecosystem through various interventions and approaches. Beavan (2010) wrote, "We need to choose an engagement model which will help us to realize that the way humans live affects other species surrounding them. Human beings need to come up with new ways of asserting their responsibilities" This is a statement that can imply that human beings have the responsibility to identify ecological irregularities and to come up with models that will make us understand that the way we live affects every species around us.

Humans are part of the system. They should initiate human interventions which will purposely help in preserving the ecosystem. Often, they begin the change process, but they are not willing to change. Eventually, the powers bestowed on us to rebalance the ecological system seems to lie outside our grasp, making humans make wrong decisions. Tidwell (2010) noted how humans make wrong choices, and he wrote: "But surveys show that few people are willing to make significant voluntary and those of us who do create the false impression of mass progress as the media hypes our actions." According to Tidwell's statement, it is evident that humans have the potential to bring about the desired changes to the ecological system. However, they end up creating a false impression about the transition progress. Humans can not isolate themselves from the system because they are the system and have the duties to ensure that the ecosystem is safe for all the species.


Humans, as a single species among millions of species on Earth, have the responsibility to manage the planet's vast ecosystem. Humans are responsible for addressing ecological irregularities through appropriate human interventions and approaches to make the earth a better place.


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