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To Enlighten the Society on the Importance of being Respectful in Today’s Society

What is respect and what does it mean? Respect is treating someone like you would want to be treated by giving them particular attention to the person whom you’re talking to. Respect is also a personal feeling where people treat each other the way they would want to be treated back (Kraut, 2007, p.23). Respect involves giving attention to every individual you are talking to despite the age, gender, tribe, culture, or ethnicity (Kraut, 2007, p.23). The society of today has integrated people from the different tribe, cultural background, and ethnic groups (Ester, Michael, & Peter, 2006, p65). Respect in the society today will, therefore, be helpful to eliminate the difference barriers in the community and promote unity and peace.

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To establishing a respectful relationship, it involves giving what you would want to be given back. For instance, if the older people will show respect to the younger ones, it will be straightforward that the younger ones will respect the older as a way of giving back and also to promote the demonstration. From a cultural perspective, moral principles are passed from one generation to another through practice (Norville, 2009, p.67). In today's society, respect is needed in all angles. The society is experiencing respect friction in the political field, leadership and even in the working places (Norville, 2009, p.67). When there is a lack of respect, some awful discrimination exists between gender differences, political differences, and even cultural difference among others in the society. Lack of respect also increases the tendencies of malpractice in the society.

Embracing the value of respect in the society can enhance the daily life in many ways. One of the ways is having a society that is politically stable. Much political instability exists because of disrespecting other backgrounds. Secondly, the society will be peaceful and united because, with respect, there is integration between people from different backgrounds including leadership positions. Most of the people complain of disrespect regarding leadership where people in power have the tendency to disrespect others (Norville, 2009, p.67). Thirdly embracing the value of respect will promote daily life alliances and social responsibility in the society.

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