Free Essay: Inspiration for Writing Is All Around You

Published: 2017-07-04
Free Essay: Inspiration for Writing Is All Around You
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Inspiration is a funny thing, it can be subtle, a slow realization, a thought of Oh this might be a good idea or hit you like a train, coming from nowhere, a moment of instant inspiration where you have to get the idea down onto paper before you let it go. It can come from the sweet taste of lemonade on a sweltering summer day, or dust falling in the crack of light you see while sitting in a library. Inspiration can`t be forced, it`s a wave along the shore ebbing and flowing throughout your mind and all around you. But there are ways to get that creative juice flowing.

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I don`t seek out inspiration, I like to let inspiration come to me but a lot of times I`ll give myself a boost. The best inspirational music I like to listen to is, Rhapsody in Blue. I can`t say exactly why it gets my mind racing and the words dancing but I think it has to do with the constantly changing tempo, the use of every instrument and the passion it can evoke from your mind. The best is when I just sit with a blank page in front of me and start the 16 minute piece and let it carry me through my inspirations. My fingers moving along with each note, speeding up at crescendos, giving me time to think at soft lilts. It`s like the music takes a hold of my mind and allows me to let my inspirations flow onto the page, creating the essays that show my inspiration in newfound ways. And music isn`t my only inspiration.

Sometimes I like to just sit around and let my mind wander, other times I think what would this situation look like from everyone else`s perspective. Or how would this moment look on a stage. What kind of emotions would it provoke from an outsider`s point of view. I sit there and wonder what would have happened if I wasn`t at that exact moment in time, where would I be in another life. Turning to philosophical questions, and it becomes a million different situations, if you hadn`t met these people, if you had been born somewhere else or raised by different people. There are endless amounts of questions to ask, most that won`t ever be answered, because we just don`t know. Which is where I like to come in with possible ideas of what would happen. That`s a huge inspiration, is diving into questions that we can`t possibly ever know the answer to, so the possibilities are endless, and there is no wrong answer.

Inspiration comes from everywhere, our past and present can inspire us to no end, and the guessing game of our futures opens up a new world of inspiration. So whether inspiration comes from your favorite childhood blanket, because you remember how it felt and how it smelled and you could write 10 nostalgic pages on it, or it comes from the lilt from a most inspiring song, or just the unknown future that lies ahead; the fact that pure inspiration can be conjured to write about it, is an amazing ability that I happily have. Inspiration is all around me and as long as it`s there, I will keep writing. That`s what truly inspires me.

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