The Non-Electronic Item in My Life - Free Essay Example

Published: 2024-01-23
The Non-Electronic Item in My Life - Free Essay Example
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Among the very many items we own, there is always that one item that we hold so dear to our hearts. This may be attributed to the fact that it has a sense of sentimental value, it was a gift from someone special, it is a generational heritage, or it was acquired under very unique and special circumstances. In our daily activities, we often experience sentimental value towards certain objects such as clothes, books, and places. My grandfather’s old Ray-Ban sunglasses model W1117 the non-electronic item that I value. Ray-Ban is a global brand that prides itself on almost a century of making unique, sophisticated, and excellent designs of eyewear. Its good reputation has made it a brand of choice among the most prominent and famous people around the globe. There are many aspects of the sunglasses that make them my non-electronic item of value, the first being that they were gifted to me by my grandfather. They have been in existence for quite a long time, winning the hearts of many prominent people in society. The sunglasses have a stylish shape that always blends in well with my face whenever I take photographs. My attachment to the sunglasses is linked to age, I believe it is a vintage because of the large metal aviator.

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Initial Target Market

Ray-Ban was established as a general optical retail shop in 1937 after John Jacob Bausch partnered with Henry Lomb. It specialized in sunglasses and eyeglasses manufacturing in 1953. During the First and Second World Wars, Ray-Ban supplied the military with sunglasses and other optical items so that they would be protected against sun rays and be treated for their damaged or injured eyes. It also supplied sunglasses to the United States Army Air Corporation, to protect the pilot’s eyes against the damaging sun rays. This prompted a surge in fashion and classic trends as famous people like Tom Cruise started wearing them. Despite the evolving times, Ray-Ban has been able to actualize the philosophy that involves blending tradition and style, while at the same time creating a platform that promotes freedom of expression. It has continued to uphold authenticity, heritage, and quality over the years (Veenstra & Kuipers, 2013). It is an iconic brand that has been preferred by many acting celebrities and prominent people around the globe.


The Ray-Ban Clubmaster W1117 sunglasses are sold by many online stores. Where online buying and selling is involved, there are higher chances that loopholes for fake or replica items will emerge. There are retail shops like eBay that sell the Clubmaster W1117 at US $269.99 (eBay Inc., 1995). A few shops even sell them at the US $300.00. Some retailers offer discounts, which most of the customers appreciate because they can spare some dollars. However, most customers buying Ray-Ban sunglasses seem unbothered even if there are no discounts, probably because they value the satisfaction derived from the product rather than the cost of the same. It is still important to perform due diligence because mostly when the deal is too good, there are chances that the sunglasses are fake. Customers are assured that they are procuring genuine Clubmaster W1117 by buying from Ray-Ban directly or from their licensed dealers.

Target Audience

Ray-Ban Clubmaster W1117 sunglasses are referred to as vintage because that particular model has been in existence for almost half a decade. The high quality of the sunglasses has been maintained over the years, making it a brand of choice among the prominent people in society. It boosts their personality because it reflects their association with genuine products and the unique taste of their items of choice. Prior studies have associated vintage with genuineness, nostalgia, and personality (Veenstra & Kuipers, 2013). My grandfather would always narrate to me his life encounters since he was a child and we would always end up laughing in unison. Those are some of my best memories, and having the Ray-Ban Clubmaster W1117 makes me nostalgic (Routledge, 2015). When individuals feel nostalgic, their psychological well-being tends to improve resulting in a great mood, more self-esteem, a sense of social belonging, and a better perception of life.

Concept of Nondescript

Ray-Ban Clubmaster W1117 sunglasses are not nondescript because they are unique and distinctive with a touch of class. Individuals are assured of standing out whenever they wear them. This is not only attributed to the fact that they are produced by the best manufacturers but also because of how they look (FramesDirect, 1996). The sunglasses are distinguished from other similar products by its logo with the initials BL, which represents the former owners of Bausch and Lomb. The logo is found at the lens, temple, nose pad, and near the hinges. The logo promotes customer loyalty because it differentiates them from substitutes.


The Ray-Ban Clubmaster W1117 sunglasses have an inclined contour, the lenses are framed with a unique wire and they have unique acetate temple arms and brow pieces. The sunglasses have metal hinges with teeth that interlock for easier opening and closing of the temples. The sunglasses also have a slightly relative weight because they are made of molten glass as compared to those made of cheap plastic. Genuine Ray-Ban Clubmaster W1117 sunglasses are usually packaged in a case with a Ray-Ban seal which is round in shape. The case contains a BL-branded cloth usually used to clean the lenses. A booklet containing information that elaborates more on the glasses is also part of the package (FramesDirect, 1996). My grandfather always stood out among his peers when he wore his sunglasses.

My grandfather’s Ray-Ban Clubmaster W1117 sunglasses hold a very special place in my heart. It is completely common to have a sentimental attachment to an object that we perceive to be unique and special (Fletcher, 2009). Sentimental value is more often than not a combination of three key elements namely an individual, memories, and emotions. There has to be the person of interest at the heart of a sentimental attachment because, without them, the memories and emotions would not have anywhere to hang on to. It is a very personal feeling, relation, and experience between an object and an individual, which means it is not a universal collective experience (Hatzimoysis, 2003). The fact that you have a sentimental attachment to an object does not necessarily mean other individuals share the same opinion or feeling.

How I Use the Sunglasses

There are several instances which I use my grandfather’s Ray-Ban Clubmaster W1117 sunglasses. Those moments have to be special, and not every other day occurrence. For instance, when I managed to get an invitation to visit a fashion gala, I wear them because they depict a sense of fashion and class. Another instance was a family vacation, and the sunglasses were a perfect accessory. I often wear them when hiking or hanging out with friends because they help me develop self-love. If we can only experience sentimental value as a result of family, friendship, or romantic relationships, then we only have relatively low chances of creating such moments because the avenues are limited (Fletcher, 2009). Moreover, the sunglasses improve the quality of my photos; hence I always wear them when taking photos. Keeping the sunglasses in my bedroom protects them against damage or breakage, therefore maintaining authenticity and originality.

How the Sunglasses Fit into My Life

My grandfather’s Ray-Ban Clubmaster W1117 sunglasses fit into my life such that my family and close friends are aware of my attachment to the sunglasses. They boost my self-esteem by making me feel comfortable on all occasions. Most of my friends associate me with money, class, and identity because of the sunglasses. They help me express my opinions without the fear that arises when talking to people face to face. Sentimental value cannot be intentionally brought about because it mostly comes about in unconscious circumstances due to its parasitic nature of being dependent on a relationship or a certain experience (Fletcher, 2009). It is, therefore, necessary to respect such relationships or experiences that result in sentimental attachments by not damaging or otherwise exposing to harm’s way the sentimental things belonging to others because if they are damaged, repairing them would completely change the owners’ feelings towards them.


My grandfather’s Ray-Ban Clubmaster W1117 sunglasses are the most valued non-electronic item in my life. They are a design signature used regularly and can be carried around with ease. The sunglasses are a gift from my grandfather and I have a very strong sentimental attachment to them. They are relatively affordable by middle-class earners, although they are most common among the public figures. Wear them and you will be assured of standing out among the crowd because of their attractive design and impeccable quality. They are made for anyone who has a sense of fashion and appreciates uniqueness. I normally use the sunglasses on special occasions because they always make me nostalgic, taking me back to all the amazing moments my grandfather and I shared, and all the stories he told me about his childhood. We all have that one item that we own either by buying or being gifted, which means a lot to us. Let us continue creating beautiful memories with our items of value.


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