Free Essay on National Identity and Feminism

Published: 2019-05-22
Free Essay on National Identity and Feminism
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Art is a form of communication whereby information is passed from one generation to another or from one community to the other in the simplest way possible. There are different kinds of art that represents various forms of communication. Drawings and paintings, for instance, frequently convey two meanings, the inner deep and the outside meaning. It is upon the receiver of the information to interpret the information and find out what the artist is trying to pass across in this form of art. In this theme, the study focuses to peer into the various ways with which the Artlex on Folk Art looks into the national identity and supports it.

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This is an art group that registers and trains all the artists, both with talent or no talent, the learned or the unlearned who are interested in art. The only limitation that the art organization has is that the individuals must be originating from the United States and be a legal citizen of the nation. This is a means with which this arts organization promotes the national identity of the countys citizens. This is a kind of artwork that is concerned with the origins and the citizens of its countries. According to the founders, it was started and founded, for the purposes of promoting the art and the appreciation of ones being of the nation and belonging. This organization primary aim is to promote the national identity through the work of art by educating the citizens specifically how to do the artworks. According to (R Wodak,,2009) any organization that focuses to promote the living standards of the citizens of the locality is firm that is geared towards developing the national identity of the nation.


One of the main issues that hit the country currently is the issue of gender equality and sensitivity. Through several protests and demonstrations by activists, the womens rights have been defended in one way or the other. Through this study, the several ways with which Artlex organization on folk arts handles promoting the womens rights and fighting gender discrimination. Feminism is a way with which a group or organization may come together to advocate for the rights and freedom of the female sex. This organization,through its missions and vision, it states that it objects upon the promotion of gender equality and sensitivity and fight for the rights and freedoms of the female sex making sure that they are treated in the same way with which male are treated.

Alongside this objective, the organization makes sure that all the arts presented are from all the genders both the male and female. Through their research, it is discovered that a great number of artists are male and thus, they encourage that females are also at the forefront in this field by educating both the sexes on the same. They help women and young girls who are interested in arts to major and specify in the field. According to (S Walby2011) any person or a group of individuals who advocates for the social, political or social equity between both sexes is a feminist. This organization thus comes out as a feminist in that it is gender sensitive and through all the means, for instance, the management and the workers are employed in a manner that all the sexes are well represented.

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