Free Essay about the Marijuana Debate

Published: 2022-02-25
Free Essay about the Marijuana Debate
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Marijuana commonly known as pot, bhang, or weed is derived from a plant known as Cannabis Sativa. The plant has existed and has been used for over hundreds of years in different areas globally. The drug was originally used for purposes of pain relief and sedation, however, the usage of the drug shifted from pain relief purposes into recreational purposes due to Marijuana's psychoactive effects. These new purposes of Marijuana led to the abuse of the drug and massive drug addiction. The drug though illegalized in numerous countries across the world is currently the main subject of numerous debates in the United States of America on whether it should be legalized. Some states in the United States of America such as Colorado and Washington have proceeded to legalize the drug, however, other states still maintain their firm position against the usage of Marijuana.

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The perception of Marijuana usage is based on two main sides, firstly, legalization of marijuana usage results into more benefits than costs and secondly, marijuana usage should be illegalized as the harmful impact in the society that results from the usage is greater than any benefits. With regards to the first side, the main benefit would be the significant reduction in drug trafficking hence destroying business for illegal drug dealers. Other benefits include that the legalization of the drug could result into a boost in the revenue sector for states via taxing of the Marijuana trade business. The legalization of the drug also highly relies on the fact that marijuana usage has no negative long-term health effects on the human body. With regards to the second side, marijuana should be illegalized because of the following reasons, marijuana usage will lead to great financial implications in the Country. This will be as a result of the need for drug education, drug treatment programs and numerous rehabilitation centers. According to current research, more than 9 percent of individuals who use the drug become addicted and require assistance. Marijuana usage also leads to behavioral issues such as impaired coordination, distorted perceptions, difficulty in problem solving and thinking and finally loss of memory and hence difficulty in learning.

In accordance to whether harsh punishments should be preferred in the fight against marijuana usage, it should be understood that punishments should be implemented against marijuana usage. Reducing the level of punishments will tend not to be more effective, as it will tend to encourage the usage of the drug. Gambling was previously illegal, however, this changed and there were laws that were enacted that legalized gambling and the sentences associated with gambling were reduced and others removed. The legalization of gambling, however did not reduce its occurrence rate. In relation to marijuana usage, reduction of the levels of punishments would result into an increase in the rate of marijuana usage.

Despite the perception that legalization of marijuana should be viewed in two main sides. The main side with the most weight is that Marijuana should not be legalized as the harmful impact to the society is greater than the benefits. The society is the fundamental element of any state and therefore it should be protected at all times. The benefits of harmful substances such as marijuana should be disregarded as there is no need to benefit economically and lose the society.

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