Essay Example on the Inter-relationship Between Prison Gangs and Street Gangs

Published: 2022-03-31
Essay Example on the Inter-relationship Between Prison Gangs and Street Gangs
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The existence of criminal gangs in the three elements of gang violence; individually, societal or transnational focuses show the organizational and ideological similarities between prison and street gangs (Ratcliffe, 2014). Correlation on the similarities and differences on the emergence, ideologies, and organization of street and prison gangs' components is the level of formal and informal control. This paper will explore the interrelationship between prison gangs and street in the context of

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The formation of street and prison gangs primarily deters the level of formal and informal control used on individuals across vital aspects including membership, ideology, conflict management strategies, leadership, and the role of authority figures (Bonney, 1993). Different paradigms show peculiar differences and similarities of street and prison gangs based on the primary aspects affecting their performance and existence. Prison gang membership and leadership structures are rigid reducing the susceptibility to changes in the scenario in street gangs. Moreover, both camps of criminals - street and prison - focus on a common ideology on the groups' survival (Anti-Defamation League, 2002).

The environmental differences and reticence to criminology facilities conjure between criminal gangs either in collection facilities or at the streets (Brenneman, 2012). The level of indulgence in violence and illegal activities is chaotic among street gangs whereas, prison gang has central control for the violence and crime wangled by a mutual leader to protect the interests of individuals in the correction facilities' community. The typological correlation between the criminal gangs' relationship with correction enforcers and the formal and informal policies on criminal justice shows the level of different nations dealing with crime in the society (Taylor, 2003; Deas, 2012).

Categorization of the social setup where both groups find themselves shows the uniqueness of the society located in prisons and on the streets. The environment affects individuals' probability to indulge in violence and criminal acts. Therefore, the relationship between culture and place illustrated the magnitude of resistance and engagement in crime fostered by social organization.


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