Features/benefits used to Discuss and Demonstrate

Published: 2023-03-04
Features/benefits used to Discuss and Demonstrate
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Couture Wedgie offers a lot of benefits to the customers. We are focusing on high-quality denim designs that best suit customers' desires. We provide high-quality denim that is sensitive to the preferences and choices of the clients. Our denim fits are susceptible to numerous washing preferences of our customers. Therefore, we have solid white, cream, light to dark blue wash, solid black, and a tonal black. CW caters to the recent market demands and the tastes of the younger generations. We are fashion-oriented and offer high-rise stove pipe, skinny high-rise leg, low-rise flare, mid-rise skinny leg to meet the preferences of the customers. Our designs and fabric are unique Rhinestones outsourced from the best supplier in the market. We also match denim fits with customer's body figure.

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Selling Tools

CW being an online shop provides the opportunity for customers to order and get their deliverables at the comfort of their homes. Various affiliate links will be useful in selling and promoting our products. The online platform has pictures of the numerous denim designs available in the shops. Some examples of the denim fits are shown in the photos in the following presentation. A customer can check and inform us of the preferred washes, and we will include that. The process is easy since we have incorporated this onto the platform. In case a customer is not sure the right fit, we can give recommendations that will best fit the customers based on the information shared. CW is there for the customers and will respond to customer's requests in a timely fashion.

Closing the Sale

Closing Clues to be Alert to

How different is Couture Wedgie from other stores selling denim fits? What is new in the CW? Well, the ultimate goal of Couture Wedgie is to offers high-quality denim to our customers. As such, we are making significant investments on social media platforms, which will be our main communication channel with the clients. The ability to communicate with the clients in real-time and respond to concerns immediately will ensure that we meet our quality requirement goals, deadlines for our deliveries as well as attended to urgent customer needs.

Closing Methods

At this point, we can answer any questions or any concerns that you may have. You can also visit the site or check out the sample pictures that we have here. CW invades the online platform fully. Besides the social media communication tool, we are implementing various online payment methods. We are currently using PayPal as a primary online payment method though we are planning to introduce more online payment methods. Therefore, clients can make orders and purchases from any part of the world. We are available to respond to any questions regarding the payment and delivery methods. We can answer any questions or concerns at this point.

Servicing the Sale

Additional Items and Suggestions to the Customer

Couture Wedgie is customer-centered. Our main goal is to ensure that customers are always satisfied, leading to repeat orders as well as more referrals. We are working on a customer-friendly website to make it easier for prospects to make orders. Nevertheless, we are providing prospects with brochures and manuals that will ease their navigation on the site. The manual has essential information on the various denim fits available, which include but not limited to, the following: high-rise stove pipe, skinny high-rise leg, low-rise flare, mid-rise skinny leg.

Delivery, Warranty and Service Contract

The various denim fits available provides an opportunity for customers to make choices and preferences. However, cases where a customer may feel that a denim fit delivered, is not the one the customer preferred or that the sizes are slightly different than the desired ones. Therefore, we offer varying types of guaranteed warranty. A customer will fill the complaint sheet available on the platform or reach us through the social media platform with the order details, and we will act on the order as soon as we can.

Post-sale Courtesy Contacts

We also offer after-sale services and training on the various washing methods for the variety of washes available like the solid white, cream, light to dark blue wash, solid black, and a tonal black. We can help a customer with washing devices. The post-sale service is, however, possible for customers who can visit our physical location.

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