Free Essay on the Importance and Impact of Leadership in Society Today

Published: 2022-09-20 15:42:02
Free Essay on the Importance and Impact of Leadership in Society Today
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Leadership is a uniting factor. Looking at society today, one thing that is conspicuously noticed is the diversity that defines people. People are different in terms of cultural background, religion, tribes, races, social classes, talents, traits, age, gender etc. Taking the example in the United States, there are Christians, Muslims, Hindu, atheists and so on and so forth. When people are different in any way, there is a likelihood of division among them yet we need one another in this life. Good leadership makes it a duty to unite people and make everyone to benefit from the diversity in any area.

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Leadership brings order and makes things to run smoothly in the society. With no leadership in place, a society faces anarchy which is like tempest, mayhem or a chaotic situation. It ensures that an area is governed by some laws. People can only live in peace and harmony when they live by the laws that are fair to all and are applied with impartiality. This fair treatment of everyone can only be effected by good leadership. It makes everyone feel that he or she is an important member of the society and he or she has a lot to contribute to the development of the same.

Leadership has led to positivity in the society. An example is a work setting where proper leadership has made the employees to be positive about their work, to feel that they are part of the resources that would make the organization move forward. In most cases, employees work in an environment with their eyes on leaders and leadership. Rules and regulations are just but put on paper and so without proper implementation, they are meaningless. It is good leadership that can ensure proper implementation of the rules and hence employees working well.

Leadership in the society has led to things getting done fast and with ease. Through leadership, there is a proper channel of communication. People get information in time and follow and people are made responsible for every action they take. The people know who to approach over what in a society with good leadership. Good leadership is about competence, energy and moral courage ( Sorley, 1989)

Leadership has led to proper management of crises. In cases where a society has been faced with problems like Ebola in Sierra Leone that was killing so many people in that country, the government through the president asked for help from other nations of the world. Even in a family, when children are hungry, they would wait for their parents who are family leaders to help them out.

Leadership coming from a US Army perspective and how it can benefit day to day situations in and out of a military environment.

According to Hardaway (2008), a leader is made through training and education where he is equipped with knowledge and workmanship. The US army goes through an education and training in order to be sensitive at all times to the challenges that exist in their area of operation. And so clearly this goes beyond the military operation and even looks into other challenges that the people face. This can make a military officer to provide leadership or even to be of help in an environment that requires a solution to problems outside of the military. An example is helping the people that are affected by floods. The military is taught to offer servant leadership which makes every leader to view leadership as something that should make the people's lives better.

In the military, there is no room for mistakes. When the military leadership takes a wrong decision, the results could lead to loss of lives which should be protected at all costs. It is important therefore to strive and make good decisions in the US military and so should be with other leaders. When a leader makes a mistake, the results could be very detrimental to the society. Example economic mistakes could make the citizens lose jobs and subsequently lead the citizens to poverty, hunger and living in deplorable conditions.

The US army knows that it is important to have an army that is committed towards good leadership and has developed leadership principles that can be of help to any leader at any level. Below are some of the principles and where they can be used other than the military.

A leader should understand him and strive for self-improvement. In schools, the head teacher can look at the performance of students and attribute it to his style of leadership and then ask himself what he needs to improve even to do better. Once identified, he can get a better result

Making sound and timely decisions. This can help a business to make a maximum profit since you know when to sell, hoard goods or even produce etc.

Understanding tasks and ensuring that they are complete. This can make every employee in any organization to be dependable and competent.

There are traits that every US army leadership is expected to embrace, these traits can help every leader in any field to succeed. Some of these are these are reliability, decisiveness, enthusiasm, honesty, sensitivity, expertise etc.



Sorley, L. (1989). Doing What's Right: Shaping the Army's Professional Environment. Parameters, 19(1), 11.

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