The Human Rights Watch - Free Essay Sample

Published: 2019-11-04
The Human Rights Watch - Free Essay Sample
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The Human Rights Watch is a Non-Governmental Organization that puts in works every day to ensure that the rights of every group in the world is respected. The organization involves itself in advocacy and research on human rights across the globe. The Headquarters of this is in New York City, New York in the United States of America. The organization was founded in 1978; the founders had a plan of an organization that would cater for the rights of all people in the world. Their main focus is in the minority, victims of war like refugees, women and children in society. Through calls for press conferences calling on the responsible governments, the Human Rights Watch has made great strides in solving the problems that affect the current society. Below is a general outlook at the core value, mission and vision of the Human Rights Watch and their recent activities to help the minority in society to get justice ("Human Rights Watch (HRW)", 2016).

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The core values of the human rights watch is the universal declaration of human rights which basically states that they would oppose any form of violations to human beings. The organization works into preventing any form of capital punishments across the globe. The fight against such punishments needs to be eradicated, whenever any form of capital punishments are decried publicly by the human rights watch. The organization is always investigating suspects of human atrocities through consultation with the victims and eventually make reports that can be submitted to international law enforcement organization like NATO ("Impact", 2016).

The human rights watch also work in collaboration with writers across the globe who receive criticism and threats for writing the truth to the public. The organization goes into the effort of helping these writers with financial aid in a bid to help them conduct their activities without a problem (Shaglah, 2016). The organization watches out for any form of abuse to any minority groups; it takes action to report the perpetrators, and they ensure that they receive the required punishments. Through collaboration with other civil groups, they are able to strengthen themselves with one voice that cannot be ignored, as there exist strengths in unity.

The latest activity that the Human Rights Watch was involved in is the conviction of Chads Ex-Dictator. Habre was convicted at the Extraordinary African Chambers; the case was conducted in the Senegalese court system. Habre was charged for torture, crimes against humanity, war crimes, and rape. Habre was sentenced to a life sentence imprisonment. It was important that the Human Rights Watch saw into the capture and imprisonment of Habre, individuals like Habre have no reason to be walking scot-free in the world. War crimes, torture, and rape are criminal activities that should never be condoned in the world we live in. It is important to keep individuals like Habre behind bars that the world might see a few years of peace. Chad is free of Habre; it is important to the victims of Habres crimes that he may be captured, and justice be served for his crimes (Keppler, 2016).

The Human Rights Watch encounter challenges such as language barrier, lack of cooperation from victims due to fear, attacks on their members of staff. In many cases, employees of the organization have been threatened and in other cases, others have lost their live in the pursuit of justice for human beings. These challenges derails even the strongest teams, but in an organization like the Human Rights Watch, there is no rest or breaks until all the perpetrators are taken down.


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