The Hobbit Book Report. Free Essay Example

Published: 2023-02-09
The Hobbit Book Report. Free Essay Example
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This paper is a report on the book, The Hobbit. It seeks to expound and create a summary of the book, the setting, the main characters, the events that occur, and the reason as to why I chose the book.

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The book I chose to write about is titled The Hobbit, written by J.R.R Tolkien. The writer Tolkien conceived in 1892 in Bloemfontein, in South Africa which was then known as Orange Free State. He wrote a lot of literature that mainly featured fantasy related books. He writes topics that depict modern fantasy, and some of his famous books include the lord of the rings and the unfinished tales.

The story focuses on the life of Bilbo, a reserved, quiet hobbit who is caught up, together with dwarves in the quest for regaining back the mountain from Smaug, a dragon. The setting of the book is in Middle Earth, which is Tolkien's own made fantasyland. It is also restricted to the western lands starting and ending in the Hobbiton. Moreover, the setting is seen to be ancient time around the age of Faerie.

The Hobbit, has a number of main characters involved. These include Bilbo Baggins, Gandalf, Thorin Oakenshield, and Gollum. Bilbo Baggins is a quiet, reserved hobbit who prefers comfort to adventure. He is intelligent, faithful, and a problem solver. Gandalf is the wizard of Middle earth. He selects Bilbo to aid in the quest, and this selection turns out perfect. His intuition and wisdom help the journey to the end. Thorin Oakenshield is the head of the dwarves that participate in the quest. He manages to convince his followers to march up to the mountain to restore the kingdom. Thorin is seen dominated by greed and lack of cooperation with others. Finally, there is Gollum, a creature encountered by Bilbo while he tries to escape the Goblins. Besides being sad, lonely, and miserable, Gollum lives in a very dark and cold lake. He owns a ring that makes him invisible, and he is quite smart

Several many significant events occur in the story of the hobbit. First is the unexpected gathering in which we see thirteen dwarfs talking with Bilbo to convince him to go with them on the adventure. They manage to persuade him and start the journey amid the harsh treatment by the goblins and the spiders. Next, riddles for the ring. In this event, Bilbo and the dwarfs are captured, and after they flee, Bilbo is left behind after stumbling. He then finds a ring in the tunnel and pockets it. On the way out, he finds a Gollum who challenges him to a riddle to decide his fate. Bilbo then cheats by sneaking using the ring to safety. Then there is the event of escaping in barrels. In this part, the thirteen dwarfs are trapped in the elves' dungeons. Using his ring, Bilbo helps them get away by stuffing them into barrels out of the Elven lands. Finally, it all culminates in the battle of the five armies. This event marks the end of the adventure with the dwarfs, elves, and men teaming up against the goblins. In the end, the dwarfs win the battle after which Bilbo heads back home.

The part of the book I found to be most interesting is around page 175 when the dwarves are held captive in the elves' dungeons, and he manages to escape using the ring. He later then sneaks into the tunnels, devices a plan to stuff the dwarves into barrels and they carry them out of the Elven lands. The part is interesting to me because it portrays Bilbo's admirable quick thinking and ability to come up with solutions. It also contains an essential lesson on how to be caring. Despite not knowing the dwarves for long, Bilbo opted to help them out.

I liked the book because besides having a lot of adventure, the story has got a unique flow of events. The book also displays a constant theme of perseverance. No matter what Bilbo and the dwarfs faced, they made it. Besides, the book portrays that even people who have been enemies can get united for a common good.

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