Free Essay Providing Media Specific Analysis

Published: 2022-04-20
Free Essay Providing Media Specific Analysis
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A lot has changed in the way we store and deliver information or data. In ancient times the primary mood to convey any information was mainly oral. However, with the advancement of technology people have embraced other modes of communication mediums, bringing about effective argumentation. Communication recently has been integrated with multimedia to present a means of conveying information that will attract many people, as people ways of consuming information have also changed (Kirkwood & Linda 258). The outlined work will portray an analysis of several media forms and outlets.

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Multi-modal forms have gradually taken over as the preferred means of conveying information. People prefer a type of media that will present information in many formats like the use of images, sound, words, videos, and graphics at the same time. Often, this factor has resulted to gradually loss of interest to print media that focus on text.

Words can be more persuasive if conveyed in an attractive format using catchy words. For instance: use of graphics, the more significant font size for memorable words. In other cases, some media formats are more persuasive as they convey their information using multimedia. Social media can be incredibly catchy as they allow users to allow participating by giving their responses and receiving feedback.

To be able to present a better understanding of statically information, the type of media to be used in the presentation is visual. Often, visual presentation attracts the attention of people putting into consideration that statistical data is difficult to comprehend, to provide a better understanding people need to see it in the form of graphs and tables presented visually. Statics conveys a lot of information that is often, cumbersome to comprehend while shown in a written form whereas in visually the work can be broken down and presented to a large group of people at once. Also, the visual formats can include 3-d graphs, use of different colors and different style of presentation that will break the monotony of the display, and prevent people from continually drifting away.

Photojournalism is the act of portraying stories and events through photos. it's a powerful means whereby Stories are captured in slices to convey what is happening in one image enables the target audience to see for themselves what's being effect it leads to a better understanding of a story as consumer don't have to take your word from it (Gursel 46). Images attract attention hence drawing potential individuals into scanning the information. Written information on the hand gets a smaller audience compared to a photojournalist work as people trust more what they can see that what another person has written.

Truly, a picture is worth more than a thousand words in that a single image can convey a lot of information. For instance: advertisements use a picture to portray a company' product, price, contact and physical location. Simply, one can describe something by using a drawing of one picture whereas the same thing can be defined using many words through writing.

Watching films is better as one can easily remember the content via visually what the film contained, plus watching is saves time compared to reading. Currently, people prefer watching documented films to read the same content claiming that they comprehend the content better via watching.

Click bait is famous as they attract the reader's attention. Internet users are mostly the young generation, who are easily swayed by favorite topics. Internet users mostly skim through information and to get their attention writers have to use sensational headlines, even though they will turn out to be adverts. Often, this is one of the ways to acquire more view ship.

Social media is addictive as it has the capabilities that allow users to interact with each other. Users feel connected to products, news as they are able to send their comments give their opinions and receive feedbacks from the different site owners. Often, this makes users to feel important as their opinions are put into considerations.

Video games are more addictive as they allow users to lose themselves in another world; they are entirely captivating that users don't realize that they have spent a lot of time. Video games provide an escape from the harsh and dull reality individual's face in life by delivering excitement and endless possibility to explore. Also, video games content creators offer platforms for gamers to be themselves, in that players can express what they hide from the real world. Players have the chance of impersonating their favorite characters without fear of receiving judgment from the real world. Filter bubbles enable people to easily get the content that they are used to, mostly the options provided are the ones related to the users constant views. The different ways of conveying information have different target audience. In that some people still prefer the old means of conveying information, hence content providers must be able to satisfy all consumers.

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