Free Essay on Preparing for Exams

Published: 2018-02-23
Free Essay on Preparing for Exams
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Exam preparation is a long-term process, and each student needs to understand nursing school is challenging. One has to pass the exam as well as retain the vital information which is to be used for one’s future career. The organization is a crucial aspect to me which I have used in my previous college experience and I hope to apply it in Excelsior. Getting organized saves me some time when studying because I can get the right notes when I need them, keeping my revision sharply focused. I equally make sure that I study a little bit each day so that I can retain more information. When I think about my patients and my children, my motivation to study increases as I would like to offer better services to them when I graduate. Other techniques I use include picking the right and focused study group, taking scheduled breaks and research on more than one study material.

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When preparing for exams, lack of relevant material from the college library is the greatest obstacle. Sometimes students lack motivation and moral to study and may find themselves engaging in irrelevant events. Lack of knowledge on what I am expected to study is a challenge as well as multitasking with other life activities. However, I make sure I am organized and have a schedule to follow. My aim is to get credit in my exams as well as pass all the relevant exams such as NCLEX-RN. Such an achievement will help me to only be competitive in my dream job, but also be able to tackle all the challenges I will be presented with in my career. Having credit will also enable me to advance my education even further in future.

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