Crazy Rich Asians - Film Analysis Worksheet, Free Example for You

Published: 2022-09-07
Crazy Rich Asians - Film Analysis Worksheet, Free Example for You
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For this assignment you will attend a non-Western movie IN A MOVIE THEATER. Download this sheet to type in your responses to all of these questions, and then save it to submit in the dropbox.

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TITLE OF THE FILM: Crazy Rich Asians


PRODUCTION COMPANY: SK Global Entertainment Starlight Culture, Color Force Ivanhoe Pictures Electric Somewhere



WHAT IS THE GENERAL SUMMARY OF THIS FILM IN YOUR OWN WORDS (NOT WHAT IS DESCRIBED ONLINE)? Please describe in your own words what happened in this film. (Keep this concise and to one paragraph. Highlight only the major plot points).

This is a story about love which revolves around two characters, Rachel and Nick. When Rachel Chu (Wu) learns that her boyfriend`s best friend is getting married, she decides to go to Singapore to join in the celebration. To her astonishment, she learns that Nick comes from a wealthy family. This implies that he is one of the most eligible bachelors in his hometown. Rachel, therefore, ends up being envied to an extent that other people are seeking to bring her down. Besides, Nick`s mother also disapproves of the relationship between her son and Rachael.

Does this film have historical or literary origin? How well did it adhere to these origins?

The film has a literary origin which is in the Asian community. With an Asian cast, this movie bases its story on a Southeast Asia love triangle. Also, the movie perfectly adheres to the origins whereby the setting is in Singapore, a country with a rich authentic Asian culture.

Attending: What were the positive elements to this film? Why were these strengths to the film? Use descriptive words, think about the story, setting, effects used, music used

One of the positive elements in the film is that Eleanor, Nick`s mother is not entirely cold-hearted. Despite not approving of the relationship between her son and a poor Asian-American girl, she is revered for placing the needs of her family before her own ("Crazy Rich Asians"). This is a strength to the film because it offers hope to the viewer of a possible future between lovers, Nick and Rachel. Secondly, the American culture is critiqued whereby personal needs are placed above those of others in the family. This clearly shows the distinction present between both American and Asian life. Thirdly, despite all the negativity, Nick proves to Rachael that their love matters to him more than his family`s affluence within the society. Also, the music used in the film accentuates the theme of love and money. For instance, the song "That is what I want" which seems to demonstrate Nick`s undying love for Rachael ("Crazy Rich Asians").

What were the negative elements of the film? What didn't you like? Why?

There were a number of things which I did not like about this film. One such thing pertains to the sexually explicit content because it appears as if it is something that the film is glorifying with the society. Nick and Rachael openly demonstrate their affection and are at some point seen in bed together. Kitty Pong another character in the movie appears dressed in a revealing outfit. Another thing that I never liked was the violence portrayed in the film. Some ladies who were jealous of Rachael place a bloody fish in her in an attempt to scare her away ("Crazy Rich Asians"). Also, a lot of profanity is utilized in the film with the "F" word being used severally in the film. In addition to this, alcohol and drugs are idolized, having being used in several scenes in the movie.

Characterization: Describe three of the characters and the actors who played them. What role did they have in the film? Did the actors play them well? What was it about their portrayal that you liked or didn't like?

One of the characters in this film is Rachel Chu who played the role of a protagonist. What is most appealing about her, is the constant perseverance which she shows despite meeting her boyfriend`s disapproving family and friends. Nicholas Young another character in the film plays the role of Rachel`s boyfriend. The most attractive feature about him is his humility. Despite coming from a wealthy family he does not flaunt his wealth and his secret remains hidden until his girlfriend gets to Singapore. Eleanor Young does a good job in playing the role of a strict and terrifying mother. She does not hide her feelings about her disapproval of the relationship between her son and Rachel.

Cultural observations: What elements of the cinematography were familiar to you? What were unique to another culture?

The movie has an interesting American and Asian mix of cinematography. One that is clearly visible is the song "Can`t stop falling in love with you" played at the wedding which highlights the western culture ("Crazy Rich Asians"). Also the distinction between the strict Asian culture which is juxtaposed against the western way of life is showcased in the film.

Film maker: How does the film maker impact the movie? Who is he/she? What kind of films does he/she typically make? Is the film maker known for a political stance? Does the film maker have a significant background?

Nina Jacobson created the film. She makes a significant impact owing to her ability to unify different elements in order to come up with an impeccable film. Jacobson is used to creating films of all kinds of genres. For instance, she produced Ben is back which is a drama, Where`d You Go, a comedy and One day a melodramatic film. Hunger games, a science and fictional film is also one of her best works ("Crazy Rich Asians"). Further still, Nina has no political stance although she is focused on campaigning for human rights as depicted by tribute to the victims of a shooting in an Orlando gay night club ("Crazy Rich Asians"). Also, there is no doubt that she has a rich background having been in the film industry since 1987 ("Crazy Rich Asians").

Creative elements: Film makers go to great lengths to choose the creative elements of their films. How are these elements important to the overall product?

Such features are important since they contribute towards the advancement of the film. For example, the lighting enhances the mood and also enhances the audience perception of the film. Also, other factors such as cinematography which are particular on the camera placement and angle ensure that the important elements of the film are captured.

Costumes: Describe the clothing that your chosen characters wore. If this is a period piece, were the costumes accurate? How did the clothing impact the overall portrayal of the character?

The shimmering striped gown worn by Rachel Chu to the Grand Tyersall Park fete portrayed her as a match for Nicholas before his mother. Eleanor`s majestic blue and gold Elie Saab which she wore to the wedding clearly depicts her affluence and sense of style. Also, Nick`s unblemished all white suit makes him stand out. It made it clear why he was sought the most sought after man in his home.

Color: The use of color can stimulate and manipulate moods. Black and white shots can add drama. How was color used in this film?

Color in the film was used to communicate ideas. For instance, red color has been used to depict love and romance. Also, color has been used to set the mood for every scene.

Sound: Was there music? Sound effects? How did these impact the overall effect of the movie? Did they enhance the visual aspect, or detract from it?

Music has been used within this film. Most notably is Coldplay's song Yellow which has been used to show the overlapping of the Asian and American culture. Also the acoustic pop rendition manages to enhance the visual aspect of the film. The songs used also succeed in offering the desired effect to the audience.

Camera angles and movement: What did you notice about the way the movie was framed? Where there cutaway shots? Close ups? Far away shots? Odd angles? How did this impact the overall feeling of the movie?

Various scenes in the movie have been represented in different angles. For example, close ups have mostly been utilized in scenarios that are personal. One instance involves the conversation between Nick`s mother and Rachel as she tells her that she is not what Nick needs ("Crazy Rich Asians"). Also, establishing shots have also been incorporated in the film such as the scene where fireworks are lighting up over the Marina Bay Sands.

Post-event reflection: How did you feel as you watched this film? How did it affect you? Why do you think it affected you that way?

Watching the film made me feel contented, and appreciative of the fact that cultures in the contemporary world can interlink to form something more formidable. This is because the idea of Nick who comes from a rich family ending up with Rachel is unimaginable. The film, however, shows that regardless of where one comes from, anything is possible.

How did this film expand your understanding of its origin culture?

The film originates from the Asian culture. After watching it, I got to appreciate the fact that regardless of the strictness associated with the west, those who live within such a society end up leading happy lives and are appreciative of the happenings in life. It is not that much different from the western culture.

Would you recommend others see this film? Why or why not?

Yes. Because the film is enjoyable and also captivating with all the drama that revolves within.

Conclusion: Tell me a bit more about your experiences of watching the film, including observations of the staff, the venue, etc. Did you enjoy yourself? Would you return?

I really enjoyed watching the film. The venue for this movie was very welcoming, and also all the services being offered by the staff were great. The theater was very comfortable making the entire experience exhilarating. I would undoubtedly like to return to the same place to watch future movies since I cannot think of a better place where I would get to have such an enjoyable time.

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