Paper Example. The Generational Gap

Published: 2023-04-23
Paper Example. The Generational Gap
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There are several cases of arguments and varied opinions between older people and younger ones. Adolescents, for example, are behaving in a manner that seems unpleasant to their parents. There have been researches on the possible causes of the disagreement. The focus of the essay will be to argue that the generational difference is a result of conflict behaviors, caused by the generational gap. The argument is important because it uses psychological evidence to prove that values and motives that are incompatible results into the arguments. The essay responds to the story of Eden Robinson, on two adolescents who grow up with parents who are not responsible enough. The dysfunctional Family forms a basis for future decision-making. It compares the literature work of Alice Munroe the flat roads, to compare the growth of adolescents in different geographical locations, and the effects of the family set-up on their ability to make decisions

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Main Points of the Essay

The first paragraph of the essay will be the introduction of the term Generational divide and the existing literature on the topic. It will analyze the thesis of the essay and the relevance of the argument presented.

The second paragraph is the introduction of the literary work of Eden Robinson, the use of characters, the theme explores and the relationship of the work to the subject of the argument. It will compare his work with the work of Alice Munroe, and mention the relationship of the two articles in addressing the subject of Generational divide

The third paragraph will be the relation of the points from the essays with the primary and the secondary sources listed. The paragraph will use the content and certified research from the readings to reinforce the theme of the generational divide in Eden Robinson's book. An example is the introduction of the element of Cognition in learning styles. The adaptation of different forms of learning is a source of difference.

The fourth paragraph will be the conclusion of the argument. It will summarize the evidence gathered from the academic sources and the novels, to show that beyond any doubt, the generational divide is a result of conflicting interests and motivations that can be triggered by parents at an early age.

The use of content from the resource books might vary due to the scope that every author used when collecting data. An example of the work that might vary when applying it to the essay is the journal on voter turnout gaps across the world. Another challenge likely to affect how the content from the sources is going to apply in the essay is the arrangement and application of the data collected(Wang&Yand,2012). There is a lot of information that will require proper order during the writing process. There are no instances of counter-arguments in the sources of the essay. The absence of counterarguments makes the application of the research data to the essay easier.

The proposed solution to the Challenges

The solution to the challenge of arranging the bulk of data logically is the listing down of important details of the research, leaving out on biases (Wang&Yang,2012). The focus on the aims of the essay is useful in leaving out some data that seems different aims listed in the thesis statement. The problem of relating the research content of various scopes and topics that the researcher used to perform the research, with the argument of the thesis, is difficult. It may be necessary to replace such sources with more relevant ones. Another solution to this problem can be the use of the sources as examples when illustrating other fields that are experiencing the generational gap.

Secondary sources In the Essay

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