Free Essay. The Critical Analysis of Rightward Bound

Published: 2023-01-20
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Bruce Schulman and Julian Zelizer are the current scholars who have contributed a lot in the discipline of world history. Their contribution to the history of the United States of America is well known. The two mentioned professionals have vats carried out scientific, historical studies to presents accurate information about a particular political issue that took place in the United States of America during the 1970s. Comprehensively, they have shared these ideas through literary texts. Rightward Bound is on recent novels published by Schulman and Zelizer. The book was published by Harvard University Press in the year 2008 (Schulman & Delizer, 2008). Being one of the recent books, it has attracted the attention of not only the people of the United States of America (USA) but also the entire nations in the world. Critically, the novel incorporates 114 essays that generally explains that the period of 1970s, was, marked with great importance when the liberal-minded political movements. In the United States formed a strong relationship between American societies and the state.

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The earlier mentioned scholars stress the analysis of the 1970s with the primary intention of explaining how the conservative movement united themselves in opposing the dominant liberalism but not a mechanical black lash on the issues that happen in the year 1960. In a simplified manner, the conservatives were against the liberals because due to the previous incompetence in the 1960s. the conservatives needed stopping their activities, and therefore, it was necessary to prevent the liberals from spreading their biasness to the next generation. Zelizer and Schulman, in their book present a scenario where American societies started practicing their rights and freedoms, which was achieved through the effective advocacy inflicted the conservatives.

The book is categorized into two parts that are the incongruent groups and other interest movements that united with the main intentions of challenging the heinous activities against human beings which were practiced by the liberal politicians. The Evangelicals, business interest movements, and those groups that respect the values of the family forged alliances for fighting for their rights and positions in the societies.

According to the book, The former Republican president of United States (US) was reelected for the second term in Office and the conservatives hoped for a change of everything in politics to favor the minority members of the societies because he was anti-liberal though he was a Republican. Everything changed against the expectations of the conservatives, for example, when Richard Nixon supported the foreign and domestic policies that favored the liberal movement in the United States of America (USA). The Presidency of Ronald Reagan United States (US) approved the conservatives in that he preached the need of all treating others with love and giving the chance of underprivileged members of the societies. Reagan supported the limitations of nuclear activities since it could have led to wars between nation, his main idea was to shelve the powers of United States (US) and make it a safer place for everyone. By then, the USA was considered a threat to other nation, and therefore, it was prone to external attack from the enemy countries.

The era of President Reagan saw the emergence of feminism movement that fought for the right of the girl child in the American societies, for example, acquisition of formal education by women, the right to own properties and also to compete for various political seats in all states of United States. Some mistakes were committed by followers, for example, the Vietnam war under president Nixon and Jimmy Carter. He saw it wise to relive from the Vietnam syndrome that had negative consequences on the citizens, for example, the USA lost the war, many soldiers were killed, the economy of USA was strained because the government was spending huge funds in funding the war the ended in futility. People lived a life full of debts, especially the taxpayers, they were paying high taxes, yet the government was no improving their lives in terms of initiating developmental projects in communities. As the supporter of the conservative movement, he did away with the syndrome, for example, encouraging people to work hard and forget what had previously happened. He made peace with various nations and also supporting initiatives that promoted the right of everyone regardless of gender, color, and social status in society.

The text also explains the tensions between the major superpowers for example the USA and the Soviet Union which was referred as the Detente and also the roles of Present Reagan in ending the cold war that almost led to the experience of world war III. He placed an effective strategic defense program with the primary intention of protecting his country against the Soviet Union since their relationship had already become toxic. He held successful conferences meeting with Margaret Thatcher, the then prime minister of Britain and Gorbachev of Moscow. These successful meeting convinced the other leaders that indeed there was no reason for another, for example, Gorbachev ascended into power, and his primary mission was to demilitarize the Soviet Union again making a lethal weapon in preparation for another war.

Rightward bound can be compared by book composed by former US President Barrack Obama titled, "Change we can believe" because both books support the election of capable leaders who can use their skills to solve issues that have affected the lives of citizens for long. During the era of President Nixon and Jimmy Carter, many issues cropped up and affected people for many years without a solution, the citizens had lost hope in its systems making them live lives full of agony and pessimists. The entry of Reagan Ronald changed everything just like in Obama's book which describes the election of Barrack Obama as a surprise; nobody expected the USA to stand a position of electing a black president (Obama, 2009). They both encourage the readers and the nation to believe that effective changes can happen and all people shouldn't lose hope in their fight for justice in all countries of the world.

In conclusion, the book is intended for all people, especially the learners to understand the important steps that the United States of America had made in the fight for the respect of human rights and to create a peaceful world by electing leaders who are wise in bringing peace and being tactical on issues that have affected people for long time. The books has a lot of strengths for example, it teaches the needs of believing in positive changes that can be brought by the wise leaders. It encourages people the importance of


Obama, B., (2009). The change we can believe in is Barack Obama's plan to renew America's promise. Canongate Books.

Schulman, B. J., & Zelizer, J. E. (Eds.). (2008). Rightward Bound: Making America Conservative in the 1970s. Harvard University Press.

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