Human Resource Management Essay Example

Published: 2019-06-07
Human Resource Management Essay Example
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Q1. Determine the specific demographic changes that would affect your ability to recruit for this position.

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The continuous demographic changes being experienced in the country call for re-strategizing in any workplace for the goals of the organization to be adequately met without compromising the welfare of the staff (DeCenzo,& Robbins, 2013). The demographic changes are being felt everywhere including Maryland. To effectively recruit in Maryland, various demographic changes have to be considered.

Todays workplace is formed by different generations who have different values and expectations. In Maryland, the workplace has up to three generations including, the baby boomers, generation X and generation Y. A person who can effectively balance the needs of these two generations thus fit for the position (DeCenzo,& Robbins, 2013). .

The continuous growth of the aging working population that is highly experienced needs a person who can easily meet its expectation and demand. The continuous growth of workers who are aging in Maryland demands a strategy for their unique needs that are different from other workplace generation to be met.

The changing family structures in Maryland calls for a director strategy who understands the same. The rise in numbers of workers who are single parents, those who need to balance between taking care of their families and parents is on the rise. Being able to understand the needs of these workers is essential to ensuring that they the workers perform and meet the organization's goals.

Q 2.How would these implications influence the recruiting strategies you employ

The effect of the demographic in a workplace shift demand that various strategies need to be put in place to address the emerging trends effectively. The need for flexibility among employees who have different family responsibilities demands the need for initiating flexible work timeframes (DeCenzo,& Robbins, 2013). Employees who need to balance between work and family responsibilities need to consider for a work time frame that is flexible enough for them to meet their various responsibilities before being employed.

In order to maintain the different generations of workers, who are necessary for any workplace; during recruitment there is a need to put in place measures that will encourage every generation to be interested in applying. The recruitment requirement should favor all. The conditions for employees during recruitment should be not only flexible but also be good enough to accommodate the interests, values and needs of all employees from the different generations. This is quite important as all employees benefit from each others experience and uniqueness.

Compensation and benefits package

The position of the director of the strategy is quite demanding and comes with a lot of responsibilities. The successful person to fill for this post needs to be flexible and creative enough for them to initiate measures that are not only effective to maintain a healthy work environment for the employees but also good enough to ensure that the goals of the organization are met.

The director of the strategy will enjoy a competitive pay package as per the demands of their job at the management and under the employee guidelines in Maryland.

A reward allowance will be in place. This will be based on exceptional performance that will be measured as per the achievement of the objectives set under their responsibilities. The objectives are essential in helping the organization meet its goals in an effective and efficient way.

The director of the strategy will also enjoy all the benefits accorded to the management of the organization. This will be in accordance with the importance of the office of the director of the strategy is given within the organization.

The director of the strategy will furthermore be entitled to health insurance scheme that will benefit him together with his immediate family. The health insurance is a perk that shows how the organization values the health of the director and that of their family members.

The director will be furthermore entitled to a paid leave once a year. According to Society for Human Resource management (2007), this will provide them with an opportunity to relax and spend quality time with their families and their loved ones. This will also further offer them an excellent time to refresh and reenergize to give a fresh and determined start once they report back to work.

Over time and continuous retraining would be allowed for the director. Any overtime would be adequately compensated. Furthermore ongoing training that would be at the organizations would be permitted. The training through attending conferences would encourage them to learn more, hence help them coming up with new strategies that would help the company meet their goals.


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