The Feast at Lele - A Cultural Event Essay Sample

Published: 2019-10-16
The Feast at Lele - A Cultural Event Essay Sample
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There are numerous cultures in different parts of the world. Culture consists of the features that define a particular group of people such as religion, lifestyle, place, and language. Such characteristics serve as a common foundation that aids in understanding the actions of individuals by linking them to a particular group of people. Every so often, there are cultural events that are organized to showcase these cultures. As my wife and I visited Maui to celebrate our fifth anniversary, we had the chance to attend a cultural event called Feast at Lele. This paper is a reflective essay that provides a description of the event, what I learned about the culture from participating in it as well as my reaction to the whole experience.

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Description of the Event

The Feast at Lele is one of the Luaus that is organized in the Maui region. It is an epic event that takes the visitors through a musical and culinary journey to Hawaii, Tahiti, New Zealand as well as Samoa (Feast at Lele, 2016). The Feast at Lele offers a unique dining experience. It features a four course epicure dining experience, which is served at the visitors table. Each of these courses embodies the distinct cultural cuisine of the four islands. Concurrently, the history of these four Pacific islands is displayed through traditional music and dance, as the visitors enjoy the traditional cuisines. Each of the cuisines is also matched with the history of the island it represents, thereby giving the visitors an absolute feel of each of the cultures (Vistana, 2016).

What I Learned About the Culture

As I enjoyed the traditional cuisines and the energetic dances at the Feast at Lele, I also learned a lot about their culture. For instance, I learned that the Luau was a common festival among the people of the four Pacific islands, and it was traditionally held to celebrate important events (Boss Frog's Dive & Surf, 2016). Such events included a communitys victory at war or a mark of an important milestone in life. In addition, the meals that were served during the Luaus were of great significance as certain food represented virtues or goals. I also learned that women were restricted from eating certain types of food such as pork and moi (reef fish). In addition, during meals, the men and women took their meals at separate tables.

My Reaction to the Experience

My wife and I really enjoyed the Feast at Lele. This is because the service was beyond excellent. The best part was that the whole feast was focused on providing visitors with an intimate experience. We were provided with our own table from which food and drinks were served as the event proceeded. The tables setting was amazing as we had both a wonderful view of the sunset as well as the show. The variety of meals from the four Pacific islands was also exquisite. They were accompanied by well-organized choreographies from each of the islands. In overall, the event was unforgettable as we had a more concrete cultural experience. This was facilitated through the great commentary as well as via the explanations of choreographies.


In summary, the display of culture through organized cultural events provides the visitors with an exploration of culture which is unknown to them. From the above, it is evident that the Feast at Lele is rich in offering cultural experience. This is because I got to understand the importance of the Luau to the people of the four Pacific islands. I also got enlightened on the significance of the foods that were served during the event. The service was exceptional as a wide range of traditional cuisines were served. The overall experience was also breath-taking as it not only told of the history of the four Pacific islands but also provided a concrete feel of each of their cultures.


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