Essay Sample on Diabetes Management Program

Published: 2023-01-17
Essay Sample on Diabetes Management Program
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People with diabetes require a lot of medical assistance and individual guidance to deal with the problems they face day to day. The approach that a care provider uses to help the patient also makes a significant difference. Barriers to implementation also emerge, and it is vital to be aware of how to address them too.

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Applying SWOT Method to Diabetes Management Program

In practice, it is vital to evaluate where the current strategy is effective and the areas that require improvement as well. Through SWOT analysis, it is possible to understand the areas of strength in the current strategy so that one can use them for better outcomes. For instance, being aware of the patients' type of diabetes can be instrumental in identifying the particular need that the patients require. Secondly, a SWOT analysis helps to identify a program's weaknesses. For instance, it may not be supporting the patients towards improving self-care, or it might limit their chances of getting the required assistance. When one is aware of the areas of strengths and opportunities, it is possible to improve the program while addressing the weaknesses and utilizing more of its strengths.

The SWOT method also outlines the threats and opportunities. In the present day, there are co-morbid and opportunistic diseases that attack diabetic patients. They can be a threat to a program, and it is vital to be aware of such concerns to enhance better outcomes. Above all, opportunities such as telehealth and communication through mobile apps can be a way of helping the patients further. Regarding that, the essence of a SWOT method in the diabetes management program follows the premise that one must understand the program in details for better outcomes. Since the program is also client-centered, a SWOT is undoubtedly revelation whether the program is working, can work, or requires improvement.

Survey Questions

A survey is primarily an interaction point where the patients can tell more about their experiences. Surveying can inquire about the patients' attitude towards the management program and where they think changes are necessary. Also, the survey questions can ask about their current needs so that I can assess whether the program is addressing specific needs or not. If the answers are honest, which I believe it is possible, the program will be primarily patient-centered as it tries responding to any patients' concerns as well as trying to match their expectations using the available resources.


The inadequacy of resources has been an issue in many programs. However, the one I would anticipate is attitude problems. Depending on the setting and the types of concerns that the patients are facing, they have some individual expectations and feelings. At times, emotions may overcome them and they might be unresponsive to the program due to the strategies used. Regarding that, patient education is necessary to make them (patients) aware of the proposed benefits and how the program will respond to their needs over time. As a result, it is a case where information is a vital resource to ensure a smooth flow of activities.

Overall, a lot of analytical tools can be used to assess the effectiveness of a diabetes management program. For better outcomes, it is always vital to determine a program's weak and strong areas hence the need for the SWOT method. A survey is also essential to give the patients a chance to reveal more about their experiences. In so doing, it is possible to improve the program to ensure that it addresses the patients' concerns while utilizing the available resources.

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