Environment Essay Example: Grand Challenges in Conservation

Published: 2019-10-10 09:44:45
Environment Essay Example: Grand Challenges in Conservation
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The world population is increasing and so is the consumption of resources. There are many challenges facing conserving including climate change, chemical pollution, environmental degradation, wildlife poaching, diseases and loss of wildlife habitat. Some of these challenges have been caused by bio diversification and the poor cross disciplinary conservation measures.

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Global climate change

I would like to handle in global climate change conservation global warming. This refers to the recent and the ongoing increase in global average temperatures near the surface of the Earth. This is mainly occurring as a result of concentrations of greenhouse gases in the Earths atmosphere. This has led to changes in climate being witnesses in almost every part of the Earths surface. The main concern in climate change is the rise in the temperatures on the Earth. According to an overwhelming scientific consensus, climate change is mainly as a result of increase in human use of fossil fuels which tends to release carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases into the air. Human events as well as natural events are believed to be the highest contributors of global temperatures increase (Hardy, 2003).

Importance of this conservation is that by addressing challenges that accrue to people as a result of climatic changes, various measures will be put in place to help counter them. These measures will mainly focus on reducing human activities that lead to climatic changes. This problem is so big that its effects are being felt in all parts of the world. Unless it is countered in time, future generations will be at a great risk. There is a good opportunity if I was given a chance to create a breakthrough. I would make use of media to ensure that I have reached as many as possible. The creation of awareness and educating people on the importance of controlling climate changes through our daily actions is the best way.

According to many scientists, it is believed that today global climate change is as a result of human expansion of the greenhouse effect. Warming usually result when the atmosphere traps heat thus reducing heat that radiate from the Earth toward space. Some gases in the atmosphere block this heat from escaping. Nothing tangible is being done to help reduce this conservation. This explains why nothing has worked yet. The limiting factors preventing the solution is lack of education and awareness.

Some of the assumptions that many people make are that small human activities have got minimal or no affect on the global atmosphere yet these are the ones that contribute higher to effects. A good example is burning of charcoals and increased usage of aerosol sprays. Another assumption is that many people and countries are everyday starting industries yet no attention is being paid to how these industries effects on the atmosphere.

The assumption that needs to be challenged is that of industrialization. The best was to challenge this is ensuring that gases being released to the atmosphere are not poisonous. This will help ensure that they have no single effect on the atmospheric gases. Some industries that produce so much poisonous gases need to be closed.

Some of the constraints that this conservation is facing are lack of political will, lack of awareness and need to get industrialized in many countries. These constraints need to be addressed as early as possible for the sake of the coming generations (Hardy, 2003).


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