Essay Example on Management, Engineering of Environment and Energy

Published: 2018-02-11
Essay Example on Management, Engineering of Environment and Energy
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The environment plays a critical role as a source of raw materials and assimilator of residual wastes. Sustainable development requires that human development proceeds within the limits of available resources and environmental capacity. One critical pressure imposed on the environment is energy generation to meet the needs of exponentially growing world populations. Projections indicate that global energy demands and subsequent pressure on the environment would increase drastically thus there is the need for proactive engineering techniques to meet the demand.

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My decision to pursue an Erasmus Mundus Master Program is to gain a deep insight into management and Engineering of the environment and energy principles. These sets of knowledge and skills will be critical in enabling me become a successful specialist. I know that my desire to become a distinguished environmental and energy specialist is closely related to this Master. In addition, environment problems and solutions emerge every time hence this degree will expose me to the diverse international academic atmosphere where these developments occur. To my mind, my work experience has provided me with required characteristics to work within the field of Environment Engineering. Therefore, my plan for the future is to become a specialized environment and energy specialist and apply my specialty in developing solutions to environmental problems as well as doing researches on a wide range of energy-related topics such as alternative energy, fossil energy and renewable energy.

My long term aim is to have a positive impact on the environment and society, as projections into to a possible global water crisis yet we continue contaminating what we have. During my time in Kafili architecture group, I wanted to engage in projects that concentrated on sustainable design, energy efficiency, and plant-care needs. The high rates of industrial and economic growth of emerging economies portend a grave challenge to humanity and the environment. The fact that energy demands cannot be sacrificed to protect humanity from adverse effects implies a need to harness energy sources that have minimum environmental footprints such as electricity, wind power, wave power, solar radiation and hydroelectric power.

I acknowledge that several milestones have been achieved in the exploration of alternative sources of energy thus a drastic exodus from the traditional overdependence on fuel. Nonetheless, my master degree will give me an understanding of the best practices necessary in harnessing and management of new sources of energy, such as nuclear energy, which has a great potential to reduce environmental energy stress. Throughout my studies, I have developed a strong passion to innovate interventions that protect the environment from avoidable pressure while at the same time ensuring provision of human welfare. My undergraduate B.Sc. in Civil Engineering compounded with the practical skills in architectural designs that I have developed through career experience guarantee me exemplary performance not only in the master program but also in the future work environment.

The significant experiences I acquired at the Kafili Architectural Company involving designing outer faces of buildings with a primary emphasis on plant care needs and other housing projects provide me with a foundation to pursue the Master program. Furthermore, I will use the knowledge acquired through this degree to foster sustainable constructions that adapt the built environment with the principles of environmental conservation. One approach to limiting energy consumption in buildings that I am interested in is architectural designs that reduce the number of dark spaces.

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