Free Essay: The Quality of Service Delivery to Patients

Published: 2022-10-31
Free Essay: The Quality of Service Delivery to Patients
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Evidence-based research have really helped in transforming the quality of service delivery to many patients. Through them, nurses and healthcare facilities have been able to know the problems that hinder quality service delivery and resolved. Some of the enhanced issues were confidentiality of patient information and the psychological aspect of follow up medication. Other enhancements have been the modes of communication with the patients, families of patients and the medical fraternity (Enders, West, Dyrbye, Shanafelt, Satele & Sloan, 2015). For nurses to know the exact causes of ailments and diseases in patients they must be able to initiate communication that fosters trust between them. Through this measure, the patients or their families are obliged to discuss information in regards to the required treatment. I have achieved this by communicating with patients in presence of family members that they trust.

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Effective communication and delivery of quality health services and products require tailor-made education to the nursing fraternity to ensure that they conform to the set standards. The standards that are being taught usually incorporate many extensive studies that shape the diversification of patient care. I have achieved this by attending the classes that teach on new standards of the industry (Williams, 2016). As much as it is important to communicate with patients to know the exact causes of their ailments and how they are coming up with the recommended medication, it is also vital for nurses to communicate effectively and professionally with the medical fraternity to avoid misdiagnosis of patients or mixing of medical results. I have achieved this by writing down all the information I gather from patients in a book and passing it to the doctors.

Nursing is one of the professions that lays a lot of emphasis on ethics and quality, for all patients to be comfortable with their medication they must be studied to ensure that their cultures and societal principles are not violated. This is the importance of assimilating different practices in the nursing profession. The use of information technology has revolutionized the modes of operations and simplified medical researches. Its essence cannot be over-emphasized because of the contributions of systems like the electronic health records that pass patient's information to other hospitals on request to ensure that service delivery across the sector is not hindered or distorted. I have achieved this by recording all patient answers to questionnaires on tape recorders and recording symptoms of diseases on digital recorders.


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Williams, N. (2016). Prevention Practice and Health Promotion: A Healthcare Professional'sGuide to Health, Fitness and Wellness.

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