The Environment Impacts on Our Lives - Paper Example

Published: 2024-01-30
The Environment Impacts on Our Lives - Paper Example
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The environment has facilitated and, in other times, discouraged the people's interactions. However, this has limited the subsequent importance of social support among the people in their lives [1]. For instance, an inviting environment with nice chairs and comfortable chairs and privacy can motivate family members to stay and visit with the patient. Moreover, people's behavior is greatly influenced by the environment and motivation to act in either way. Like in a dingy corridor in the hospital filled with equipment, staff will be tempted to leave other items within the hall compared to the clean passage [1]. Environments impact people's moods. For example, and an environment with bright light, both natural and artificial, boost health outcomes like sleep and depression.

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Environmental Impacts on Our Health

Environmental pollution has impacted our health in that air pollution causes heart disease. It can also lead to heart health interference, causing attacks, irregular heart rhythm, and stroke. The impacts of polluting the air become riskier, especially when people have existing heart problems [3]. The environment people live in cause’s asthma if the air is polluted. The ozone pollutants have been shown to trigger asthmatics, which lead to infects of asthma. The environment through sunrays has resulted in infections of skin cancer [3]. The penetration of ultra-sunrays into the earth's surface impacts our skin's health by causing abnormal cell growth.

General Explanation of Global Warming and its History

The rapid and unusual increase in the earth's temperature over a long period, like a century, is known as global warming because of the effects of greenhouse gases. There has been climate change, which has been experienced in the pats even without human assistance. There is much warming currently, which is occurring like in the past. Before the industries revolution, the earth's climate changed because of the natural influence, which was not connected to human activities. However, such biological factors influencing the warming are still in action today though their impacts are too low. More warming is predicted to increase in the coming days because of the increasing human activities and environmental changes that accelerate the earth's heart rate. Initially, the world warmed and cooled severely without climate change and increased global warming. In recent times, the climate has changed, warming has increased, and humans have increased activities contributing to the warming rate changes.

How Global Warming Affects Our Health and Live

Prolonged durations of very high temperatures due to global warming affect the health of the sick and aged. The emission of greenhouse gases causes heatwaves, which lead to heatstroke or hyperthermia, which is fatal if not treated. Besides, this causes changes in people's lives, and they become more stressed up to look for medications. People who have asthma and other respiratory infections are greatly affected by global warming. Increased temperatures affect the cardiovascular system of asthma people, and they are forced to keep themselves cool. Scorching temperatures also result in the tissue of the lungs damage and cause severe complications among the people. However, it is more painful for asthma and people with initial lung diseases. Many people's lives have been impacted by global warming through various disease infections, and stressful moments of staying under medication have isolated them, making social lives compromised.

Pathogens and Their Relationship with Global Warming

Global warming has resulted in variations of weather patterns, which influences pathogen transmission habits in multiple ways. For instance, that disease was initially connected with tropical and subtropical localities in another area across the world. Rising temperatures are shown to increase the outbreak of such disease in other areas. Increased temperature has led to ice melting in the regions of the Arctic Circle. As this ice melts, it influences climate change and infectious agents [2]. Permafrost is a preserver of microbes as well as bacteria due to its coldness. Therefore, specific pathogens like fungi, viruses, and bacteria can thrive even after frozen for an extended period. However, such pathogens are transported by the melting ice in other regions. Besides, these regions were not inhabited by those viruses before. Global warming has unlocked other infections viruses, which are more threatening to human life. As global warming is experienced, pathogens are also changing their survival conditions and becoming resistant to ecological conditions. Moreover, climate change has contributed to the virus's mutations, which resist illness fighting defenses in people. New pathogens mutate and evolve to survive and become adapted to the changing temperatures.

Specific Diseases and Pathogens that are Affected by Global Warming

An example of pathogens that are related and caused by global warming is the West Nile Virus. Besides, this is a vector-borne disease associated with the parks in Canada and Europe's urban areas. The virus spread to people through mosquito bites, which were infected after feeding on dead birds. Another pathogen is the Lyme disease-causing pathogen, which has resulted due to climate change [3]. The disease was discovered by people who had symptoms like the ones for arthritis. The condition is now identified as caused by bacteria Borrelia burgdorferi [3]. However, this is transmitted once one is bitten by poppy, which is infected.

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