Free Essay: The Effects of Methylphenidate on Female and Male Fertility

Published: 2023-03-01
Free Essay: The Effects of Methylphenidate on Female and Male Fertility
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Is the proposed approach original?

The current problem with the Menthyphenidate users has not been solved because of the decrease in the fertility rate as compared to an individual that took prescribed medications. The proposal is original because the study revealed that Ritalin users develop in fewer kids. The proposed approach is authentic because the experiment shows that people that have lower average body weight had decreased appetite when they used Ritalin.

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Is the proposed approach viable? Is the author qualified to carry it out?

Are the budget and time frames reasonable? The authors are valid because they have majored in the impaired reproduction of ADHD drugs and the effect of administering the morphometric parameter of fertile and testes in male mice. The budget and time frame were reasonable because animals were used in the experiment. However, the survey also involved 100 people for 176 days.

Is there enough background (and no more) to understand the approach?

The survey also had a background because of the inhibitor that reacted with the dopamine system. The concerns of this survey were that when patients were treated with Methylphenidate, their brains were damaged in the neuroendocrine system. The drug also decreased and halted the bodyweight of someone, thus leading to fertility problems in both women and men. The study was also done to evaluate the effects of methylphenidate on female and male fertility.

Are there parts of the background that could be deleted without affecting your understanding of the problem and approach? Only a few parts should be deleted, especially the ones that show how the medication had potions such as the stimulants and non-stimulants, most of them had methylphenidate because of the symptoms seen in patients.

Is the hypothesis clearly stated? Is this a hypothesis (a tentative statement of truth)? The hypothesis of the study was clear because the authors believed that if patients were given methylphenidate, it decreased the fertility rate in females and males.

Are the objectives clearly stated? The objectives were, however unclear because there was no clear evidence that showed how methylphenidate affected fertility.

After reading this proposal, do you have a good understanding of what research is proposed? After reading the proposal, it gave me a clear understanding of why the authors were searching the effects of the drugs, and yet its purpose was to treat patients.

After reading this proposal, do you understand why this research is essential, and why? After reading the research, I now understand the importance because it tries to raise an alarm that even though methylphenidate is a drug used by many, it had adverse side effects

Are control and experimental groups defined appropriately?

Are there any controls that should be added? The only control that should be added is that since the research has not concluded why methylphenidate affects the fertility of both males and females, then the distribution of the drug should stop.

There were controls, particularly on the volunteers, because of how they were divided into the men and women groups.

Are there any details in the approach that could be easily left out (or instead reference a paper) without impacting the reader's ability to understand what is being proposed? The paper has every detail to make the reader understand what inspired and what should be done to stop the problem.

Is it clear how the data will be analyzed, and what statistical methods will be used? Are these statistical methods appropriate for this kind of data? The research gives clear direction on how the data will be analyzed because of the methods proposed. This also makes the statistical methods to be valid whenever one wants to extract any data for future use.

Style and Grammar

Is there any additional language that can be eliminated/empty phrases that can be cut out? No language was considered unnecessary so none should be eliminated

Is paraphrasing done appropriately? Can you catch any areas that appear not to be paraphrased? If so, do you have any suggestions for how something could be worded differently? Paraphrasing was also done well because it had subheadings that made me get what this research was proposed

Does the student use the passive voice and past tense when discussing what was done previously, and the future tense when describing what is being proposed? Yes the student uses a lot of passive voice show the past and future tense so that the reader gets a glimpse on what aspired for the proposal to be written

Are technical jargon and abbreviations defined? Yes there were a few jargons and abbreviations used such as the scientific names to allow the reader to have a deeper understanding of the proposal

Does the proposal have any specific mistakes or flaws in the writing (i.e., are there examples of words, sentences, or phrases that do not follow the Guidelines for Scientific Writing provided to you)? The Proposal has very few flaws and mistakes, and so I was able to follow the guidelines properly

Additional comments/suggestions

The only comments I would leave is that the writer should add more in-text citation particularly to areas that have vital content

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