Conservation of Water - Free Essay on Environmental Issue

Published: 2019-09-13
Conservation of Water - Free Essay on Environmental Issue
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The environment influences how individuals live their lives. It is from the environment that people find their food, clean air, water, and so many other things. Therefore, it is crucial that individuals try to the best of their ability try to conserve the environments. The environment is deteriorating at an alarming rate. Therefore, it is important for everyone to active in remedying this situation. It is the small things that count in the correction of the current state of the environment. This paper focuses on the reduction of water consumption as a small step towards eco-consciousness.

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Eco-consciousness is the desire to see a better, cleaner, and more productive environment. With reducing consumption, we minimize waste, and, in turn, ensures that water is sufficient for more individuals to access it. It also ensures that there is more water for agricultural use, and as a result, there is more productivity of crops. Cleaning and transporting water also require the use of energy from other resources such as the fossil fuels. Therefore, conserving water ensures that the frequency of cleaning is reduced as much as possible and this in turn ensures that the resources do not get depleted and misused (Vandas, Winter and Battaglin 40).

Journal from 13th April 2016 to 4th May 2016

13th April 2016: Failure

The reason why the step failed was that I forgot I was conserving water, and I did not remember to close the tap as I was brushing my teeth. Granted, I had decided to take the little steps; however, there was a lifestyle I was used to. It was difficult sometimes to remember that I was on a mission. There was also a leaking tap in the bath room. The leak was a major waster of water. Since it went on for the entire day, the water that was lost was a lot. I used my washing machine and my dish washer even for single pieces of clothes and utensils instead of waiting for them to be full of washing. Using the machines when they were not full, increased the frequencies of washing the items.

14th April 2016: Failure

15th April 2016: Failure

16th April 2016: Failure

The leak in the bathroom was increasing as days passed. More water was wasted by the day with the increase. I also kept forgetting to turn off the water as I brushed my teeth.

17th April 2016: Failure

18th April 2016: Failure

20th April 2016: Neutral.

On this day I managed to call a plumber who repaired the leaking tap.

21st April 2016: Neutral

22nd April 2016: Neutral

23rd April 2016: Neutral

In the second week the habit of turning off the water as I brushed my teeth was catching on. However, taking long baths was still a challenge.

24th April 2016: Neutral

25th April 2016: Neutral

On the second week I pilled-up all my clothes for the whole week and washed them all at once. However, I kept using the dishwasher even for very few utensils. The pilling of the clothes helped since I did not waste water running a machine that is not full.

26th April 2016: Neutral

27th April 2016: Failure

I forgot to turn off the tap as I brushed my teeth.

28th April 2016: Neutral

29th April 2016: Neutral

I forgot to turn off the water as I brushed my teeth. However, I did not use the washing machine until it was full.

30th April 2016: Neutral

1st May 2016: Success

I finally adopted the habit of turning off the tap as I brushed my teeth. The running water that was being wasted as I brushed my teeth was also conserved. I pilled-up my clothes again, and washed all of them at once. I only used the dishwasher when it was full. The water that was wasted on unnecessary running the machines was conserved. I reduced my baths by around five minutes. Therefore, the water that was being lost in the bathroom also reduced.

2nd May 2016: Success

3rd May 2016: Success

4th May 2016: Success

I started talking to my neighbors, friends, and family on the ways of conserving water.


Water conservation is not the only way that the environment can be safeguarded. There are numerous small conscious things that people can practice reducing the rate at which the environment is depleted. Some of these steps include reducing the amount of standby power. Power is generated from natural resources such as water, and therefore, conserving power will reduce the generation frequency and as a result, conserve the environment. Another way is to reduce the paper consumption. For many years paper has been produced from trees. Therefore, the less paper used, the fewer trees will be cut down. Another step towards eco-consciousness is joining or supporting an environmental group. An environmental group consists of people who are actively seeking to better the environment. Helping the team may be in the form of finances, motivation, co-operation, and personally getting involved to help in the projects (McDilda 10-26). Therefore, there are many simple ways in which individuals can contribute to conserving the environment.

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