Essay Sample on the Demand for Highly Qualified Teachers: Challenges and Solutions for Schools

Published: 2022-11-04
Essay Sample on the Demand for Highly Qualified Teachers: Challenges and Solutions for Schools
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The tables illustrated are based on the schools that were from the urban settings where there was a high index for poverty and the access to academic resources was very minimal in such areas across the state of Texas. As much as teacher attrition costs the individual schools approximately $ 8000 per single teacher, the same figure translates to over $ 5 billion loss annually from the national education budget. Such failures often cause severe damage to the education system in the country (Cowan & Goldhaber, 2018). Once these teachers abandon such schools that need the services of the qualified personnel, then the students are often left with their achievement and performance hanging on the balance in a significant manner. The paper had the aim of engaging in the experiments that are aimed at ensuring some form of challenges that the schools in Texas face in their plight to maintain the teachers in the poor urban areas. The process used in this research had the mandate to investigate the factors that influence the changes in the teacher expectations and the urge for the same teachers to extend or terminate their contract in such poor schools.

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Though the examination of the attrition influences, the paper could offer solutions to the administrators, teachers, and district education personnel to help them solve the puzzle on the attrition on the same locality. The article was also structured to have a keen interest in the primary research questions. These included the aspect of the perceptions on the ways of increasing teacher retention in the entire program. The research looked at how the teachers could be influenced to stay in the school. The factors that led to the teachers to leave the school were also investigated (Casteel, 2018). Finally, there were the investigations on the plans that could be used in the retention program for the teachers. All these parameters were closely checked after the ideas, and the perceptions of the teachers were put into practice to help get the best picture of the education system in the Texas state.

The discussion and analysis in the paper were pegged on four main pillars that would be used in the driving of the force toward the achievement of the best practices in the retention program of the teachers in such schools. The four programs used in this study would include the aspects of teacher burnout that could lead to the increase in the price of attrition in such schools within the Texan territory. It also explains the impacts of teacher burnouts on the process of learning among the students (Allen et al., 2018). Other factors to be handled in this section include the effects of the administration on the environment in these schools plus the benefits that the collaboration among the stakeholders can create and bring to the learning process within the schools.

The aspect on teacher burnouts is the main cause of attrition among the teachers in schools located in the remote and poor segments of the cities in Texas. The theory based on the burnout aspects among the teachers is also linked to the human capital theory that provides the framework that is used in the examination of the high poverty rates among the teachers. The case of the teachers living in poverty makes the teachers to leave the classrooms and look for better institutions elsewhere (Brownell, Bishop & Sindelar, P2018). The burnout theory brings out the aspect that a job stress is often involved by a series of lingering responses to the stressors that are closely linked to the actual job in place.


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