Psychology Essay Examples

Published: 2018-03-25
Psychology Essay Examples
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Psychology essay example

Psychology emerged out of a coalescence of natural science and the branch of philosophy known as the theory of knowledge (epistemology). The origin of psychology was traced back to the ancient Greece between 400-500 BC (Coon, 2006). The great thinkers were behind this discovery with Socrates influencing Plato who later influenced Aristotle. Socrates and his adherents, Plato and Aristotle, expounded on such themes as happiness, agony, information, motivation, and reliability. They hypothesized about whether human attributes are inborn or the result of involvement, which keeps on being a subject of level headed discussion in psychology today. All through, psychology has driven a dynamic life, forming bit by bit into a genuine science. As a feature of advancement, it has delivered various reasonable models, approaches, hypotheses, interrelated thoughts and ideas used to clarify wonders that have guided the work being done.

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Psychology was defined as the science of mind. In any case, analysts were forever discontent with this definition because the mind was an obscure term that couldn't be defined in target terms. Psychology today is considered a scientific study of mental process and human behavior. According to Coon (2006), mind and mental encounters were necessarily subjective in nature. In this way, the physicians exchanged their positions and started examinations concerning behavior and mental stability. So it as not a surprise for a substitute of psychology that meanings have changed significantly throughout the years as indicated by the ideal introduction to specific schools.

Unlike the past when psychology studied the mind, today that is no longer used and has been replaced by the mental processes. The main reason to move away from studying the mind was because it can never be studies using scientific procedures and also the entity of the mind has no scientific way of proving if it exists. As indicated by Coon and Mitterer (2007), modern psychology in this case has been regrouped based on mental and behavior processes.

Social psychology essay sample

Tuning into music for unwinding is normal among students to counter the impacts of stress or nervousness while finishing challenging educational tasks. A few reviews supporting this procedure have demonstrated that ambient melodies advance intellectual performance while different studies have shown that tuning into music while occupied with complex psychological tasks can debilitate performance. This study concentrates on the effect various sorts of music, played at various volume levels and the effect it has on the psychological capacities of academic tasks. To be able to accomplish the experiment first is to review the previous research experiments on the study and try to evaluate and compare it with the idea. These experiments will give me a sight on how to design my experiment.

I will choose students from psychology departments about 25 to 30 aged between the ages of 21 to 40. The students will not be forced to carry out the research but rather given the freedom to either deny. The study will concentrate on mathematical problems which include addition, subtraction, division and multiplication which will contain each of them five questions. The test will not be arranged in the order of the operations, but they will be randomized. The questions will not involve operations with more than three digits. The music that will be played in this tests will be both soft and loud music. The loud music for the experiment will be rock music, and classical piano music will be in place of soft music.

The experiment will be conducted in a single room for all the participants but before they start the test each one will fill a form and a repeated measure design will be used in this study. They will all be exposed to the conditions and the volume of the music adjusted while the experiment is in progress.

Psychology paper example

Neurotransmitters that affect a significant effect on behavior, thoughts, and feelings have been discussed below.

Biogenic Amines

Biogenic amines are disseminated in the brain, where they assume a part in passionate behavior and help in directing the macrobiotic clock. Moreover, some neurons of the ANS discharge catecholamine-like NE. NE, histamine and dopamine can be excitatory or inhibitory relying on the receptor type. Addictive drugs, for example, cocaine and amphetamine apply their impacts basically on the dopamine framework, while addictive sedatives and useful analogs of opioid peptides which direct dopamine levels.


Serotonin is an inhibitory neurotransmitter that has been observed to affect mood and feeling personally. Less serotonin has been appeared to prompt to depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder, problems with antagonism control, and suicide. Fewer amounts of serotonin also result into an expanded hunger for sugars and hassle dozing, which are likewise connected with depression and other passionate issues (Coon & Mitterer, 2007). It has also been attached to headaches, crabby gut disorder, and fibromyalgia (Coon, 2006).

Amino Acids

Glutamate and gamma-aminobutyric corrosive (GABA) are amino corrosive based neurotransmitters. The most pervasive transmitter in the human brain is glutamate, which advances excitatory impacts by expanding the likelihood that the objective cell will fire an activity potential. The most predominant are amino acids, which is inhibitory at over 90% of the neural connections that don't utilize glutamate. GABA acts as a brake to the excitatory neurotransmitters that prompt to anxiety. Individuals with too little GABA have a tendency to experience the ill effects of anxiety issue, and drugs like Valium work by upgrading the impacts of amino acids. Many different drugs impact amino acids receptors. When the amino acids are deficient in specific parts of the brain, it results to epilepsy.

Psychology sample paper

The frontal lobe is a major component of the brain because it is used daily. In the case of an accident to the frontal lobe, many effects can be experienced with the affected person. The frontal lobe is used to making a decision, studying and thinking. This is where personality is formed, and also higher mental processes take place.

It is also in charge of our capacity to purposely move our muscles. The frontal lobe is the part of the brain that controls imperative psychological aptitudes in humans, for example, passionate expression, critical thinking, memory, dialect, judgment, and sexual behavior. It is, fundamentally, the control board of our personality and our capacity to convey (Coon & Mitterer, 2007).

Damage to the frontal lobe can make changes in personality, restricted outward appearances, and trouble in deciphering one's surroundings, for example, not having the capacity enough to evaluate hazard and threat. The impacts of right frontal lobe damage incorporate issues with self-observing, consideration and fixation, personality, hindrance of behavior and feelings, and with speaking or utilizing expressive dialect, as indicated by Coon and Mitterer (2007). The impacts rely on upon the correct area, the cause and the seriousness of the damage.


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