Free Paper with a Response to the Rejection Letter

Published: 2022-07-29
Free Paper with a Response to the Rejection Letter
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Dear Respectable

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I am writing in response to the rejection letter that I received on the 13th of September 2018 regarding my declined application for the MSc in Mathematical Finance. I am appealing for your reconsideration of my application for this graduate degree in your institution as there was no reason for its rejection based on the University policy. It is of great benefit to me, in my workplace and the world as a whole.

I am a fit and a perfect candidate for MSc in Mathematical Finance degree because my area of work is diverse. A CFO is a position that requires a knowledgeable person and who understands the application of Mathematical Finance. Based on my duties of managing the financial actions of a company, a course in MSc in Mathematical Finance will be useful in executing cash flow tracking, financial planning and the analysis of company financials effectively. I am a fit and a perfect candidate for this course as I require to make informed decisions regarding the corrective actions that the company needs to take regarding its financing propositions.

The University of Oxford is the best place for me for my masters as the institution considers all aspects of the student learning as a whole. Apart from academics, learners gain critical thinking skills applicable to their areas of interest and their future endeavors. The University of Oxford lectures is helpful to students in rethinking all the modules that they are studying. It makes a learner reflect on other areas that can be beneficial after graduating and apply knowledge there. Graduates from this University are also aware of workplace ethics and using it in everything that they do. It shows that discipline for the students is a number one consideration for the institution.

I am well equipped for MSc mathematical finance degree in various ways. I have a Bachelor's degree and already working for a leading company in Pakistan and understand the importance of managing finance for a company. I also attended the Undergraduate Honors Seminar, the Determinants of Capital Structure in U.S. Firms where I learned about the critical subject in finance. Understanding capital structure in a depth perspective requires one to have more education. It was a strong foundation for my passion and desire to obtain more knowledge in the field of finance. Therefore, I believe that my work, education, and experience at work make me equipped to take an MSc in Mathematical Finance.

After Graduating, this degree will benefit me, my workplace and the world as a whole in various ways. It will help me as a CFO of a Basmati Rice Export Firm in Pakistan. In the workplace, I will apply the knowledge gained in this course to assist the company in getting registered at the Stock Exchange. The new skills and technical knowledge will be beneficial to me and the workplace as I will effectively manage equity and debentures for the business. Such knowledge is useful for a company leader who understands the importance of running a profitable enterprise.

It is my appeal and requests that you will reconsider my application and rethink the decision to accept me and give an opportunity to study at The University of Oxford for MSc in Mathematical Finance.

Thank You in Advance

Yours Faithful


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