Essay Example on Language Comprehension and Production

Published: 2022-10-31
Essay Example on Language Comprehension and Production
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Individuals see, hear and feel in the conscious being but the feeling hearing and seeing are optimized through the existing schema and before their conscious thought. Human brain interprets people's experience instead of their understanding to stimulus in a holistic manner (Masson, 2015). The statement implies that cognitive science should relate to the knowledge that is human have to the unconscious mind concerning the neuroception.

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Scientific inquiry involves conceptual cognitive of operations like language which stats by the unconscious thought towards attaining a conscious understanding of one's ability to communicate with a particular style. It meant it implies that human ideas and knowledge are relative to relative to the sensorimotor representations in relating to rear conceptual understanding and ability to learn new skills (Masson, 2015). This is viable in dissertation since I will make close attention to the strength of the unconscious mind which determines what the conscious concentrates on in incepting to the brain.

Language comprehension and production require an individual to make a connection with the existing schema before relating the ability to their conscious thought. As such, cognitive science refers to the experience that humans portray with the ability to control the unconscious mind to absorb the required skills which translate into an individual becoming able to compare and what a language entails. My dissertation relates to the proposal of conceptual meaning which must be granted with the representation of an individual's sensorimotor experience.

Human information processing ability can involve the use of electronic devices like computers to enhance the air, and conscious mind in determining what they are conscious mind requires to enable them to connect the skills required to comprehend a language and to produce justifiable statements (Masson, 2015). The nature of embodiment and the role that it serves to the cognition is a question that will prevail around my location since it has been found out that the unconscious mind translates what the conscious mind to produce concerning language comprehension and production. According to Masson (2015), the study of language and production should involve the use of body languages and consistent action of the body with target sentences for instance a statement like "you gave the brick to the workman" connects the mind the conscious ability that will later translate to the unconscious connection thus improving language production and comprehension.


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