The Current Immigration Policy, Free Essay for Students

Published: 2022-06-22
The Current Immigration Policy, Free Essay for Students
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The current United States immigration policy is quite closed. It is the most rigid immigration policy in the world because it is not lenient towards immigrants. When President Donald Trump came into office, he created policies that have made it difficult for the United States to be a home for immigrants. For instance, the travel bans on individuals from countries such as Iran, Libya, North Korea, Somalia, Syria, and Venezuela are highly discriminatory in nature (Dunwoody & McFarland 12). The bans deny individuals from countries that have an influx of refugees fleeing different kinds of instability access to the US as a safety net. The immigration policy is also not open because it prevents refugees from entering the United States unless they prove that their stay would be of interest to these countries. The position has alienated millions of individuals who run to the United States to seek asylum and safety (Raymond-Flesch 505). Trump's policy also requires a review of visas to ensure the United States only accommodates individuals with the highest level of skills. The visas that do not meet these qualifications are being sent for further review with the possibility of individuals being sent back to countries of origin. The immigration policy also requires a wall to be erected to separate the United States and Mexico with the hope of curbing illegal immigration at the southern border. The policy is also very open to mass deportations and separation of families. Currently, there are many facilities holding thousands of children who have been separated from their parents. Therefore, these reasons lead me to contend that the United States immigration policy is neither open nor effective, but, rather, quite rigid and unable to address concerns that emanate from form immigration.

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The United States immigration system has many drawbacks that make it ineffective to address immigration in the country. The immigration policy will negatively impact the United States economy (Raymond-Flesch 505). It will place the United States on the wrong side of politics and foreign policies. The immigration policy is also disadvantageous because it is detrimental to the values of the United States that have been part of its foundation for the longest time. It is not ideal for the progress of the country and has been criticized by various leaders already. These reasons are some ff the drawbacks to the immigration policy under the Trump administration.

Firstly, the immigration policy negatively impacts the economy of the United States because of the mass deportation that is currently taking place. According to The Center for American Progress, the mass deportation will reduce the economy of the country by 1.4% (Amadeo 2). The rationale is that the deportation reduces the labor that emanates from immigrants. They contribute to the economy by offering cheaper rates that allow many industries to make more profits and progress in a way that benefits the economy. The CATO institute also performed research that indicated that the DACA program will be responsible for $28 billion of the American economy (Amadeo 2). The group consists of individuals with skilled labor that would be useful to the country. The DACA group that was being threatened with deportation consists of 750, 000 young people whose deportation would cost an approximated $60 billion (Amadeo 3). Immigrants also contributed more than $16 trillion to the United States economy every year. Given these statistics, one can opine that the country would lose as opposed to gaining through this policy that supports mass deportation.

Additionally, the immigration policy will place the United States on the wrong side of politics and foreign policy. Many leaders around the world are not in favor of the strict immigration policies being employed by the United States. For instance, Angela Merkel, Germany's chancellor, warned President Trump about his increasing volatile immigration policies and cited that her country will not be in support of the same (Amadeo 3). There has also been backlash from countries such as Iran over the travel bans (Dunwoody & McFarland 12). All these aspects mean that the United States will slowly isolate itself from the rest of the world. Many countries have friendlier policies and look at the United States as being against the spirit of this approach. There is also the issue of terrorism and the rise of other forms of political extremist ideologies. The alienation proves as a danger to the United States and could inspire radical views. For instance, the travel bans are now being used as propaganda to recruit individuals to the terrorist group named Al Shabaab that is fuelling hatred against the United States (Dunwoody & McFarland 14).

Moreover, the policies go against every single value upon which the United States was founded. For instance, the country has always held a mantle for the rights of families and children in particular. However, the United States is currently treating children like prisoners and separating them from their families. Thousands of young children have been left in disarray in a country that is unfamiliar to them (Dunwoody & McFarland 12). Reporters tell of stories about children crying because they cannot sleep at night and are in agony for their parents. The policies also go against the values of freedom and general receptiveness towards the weak that founded the United States. For instance, the statue of liberty reads, ""Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free." The actions of the Trump administration are undermining these words that formulate the general rhetoric of behind the creation of the United States (Raymond-Flesch 504). The administration is doing everything possible to keep refugees at bay even though most are in need of the freedom and safety that the country offers. Besides, the immigration policy is full of discrimination and hatred, which goes against the foundations of the United States. For instance, one can note that most travel bans emanate from countries that are predominantly Muslim. The policies also impact people of the Hispanic and African descents the most.

Indeed, there is a counterargument that proposes that the Trump policies are beneficial to the United States because immigration is out of control. The current number of immigrants stands at 43 million. Individuals argue that the policies were necessary because immigrants are taking over the country. They are taking jobs that belong to Americans and putting a burden on the economy. However, this is not the case since immigrants contribute more than they take. They pay taxes even though they hardly benefit from the services offered. They are also willing to engage in jobs that most Americans would not want on a normal occasion.

Taking into account utilitarian ethics, one can opine that the consequences of the current immigration policies are more harmful than they are helpful. As noted above, the consequences have negative impacts on the economics and foreign policies as well as the international relations of the United States. Aesthetics ethics are also applicable in this case since the consequences of the immigration policies impact the culture of the country. The policy rids it of an accepting culture and plant a seed of intolerance to differences; thus robbing the United States of its culture of diversity.

All in all, the current immigration policy is very strict and perturbing. Indeed, one can note that it attempts to solve the many problems of the United States and illegal immigration. However, the approach is very wrong since it presents an even bigger crisis because it is extreme. The policy will bring about many international problems and create a detriment in the economy. The culture of the United States as a safe haven is currently being eroded with this policy and it is highly unlikely that the country will recover.

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