Paper Example. The Cleveland Orchestra

Published: 2023-02-22
Paper Example. The Cleveland Orchestra
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The Cleveland Orchestra was founded in 1918 by the impresario and pianist Adella Prentiss Hughes. The group made radio broadcasts and produced numerous albums. Pavane pour une infante defunte was written by French composer Maurice Ravel and performed by the Cleveland Orchestra (Late Night Tales). The classical music group has cemented its reputation as one of America's premiere ensembles. They have also been made prominent by performing classical music. This Wednesday, Cleveland Orchestra will visit Robert Conrad's show at 90.1 FM to perform their classical music. There will be an hour-long mixture of classical music and cross-over selections.

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The duration dimension in this piece was shorter than the original composition by Maurice Ravel. However, the Cleveland Orchestra considered the setting of an orchestra house and ensured that the audience was well entertained. The rhythm was smooth and gives the audience a relaxed flow of emotions. The beat patterns from the composition were standard and able to inspire someone to continue listening. The tempo of the song is slow and flows at a rate between Largo and Andante, in what could be referred to as Adagietto (Martineau 46).

The dimension of the pitch of this piece is low due to the low sounds made by the musical instruments. The texture in this composition is dense and has no room for adjustments. There are also two distinct and alternating melodies which can be traced to the saxophone and string instruments.

The volume of the composition is low but adjustable. A listener can easily be relaxed and move with its flow. The Cleveland Orchestra appear to be experienced in performing symphonies and ensured that there were slow notes in the piece.

The timbre in this piece can differentiate various forms of sound production. Sounds from this can be traced from percussion, string, and musical instruments (Rosenberg 34). The tone-quality has been set by the saxophone making it generate a soothing and relaxed sound. The tone-texture is pure all the time apart from the introduction and the completion of the piece. There is no element of another sound from the composition. Sounds can be traced from instruments like saxophone and string attachments.

Conclusively, I think Pavane pour une infante defunte is quite an enjoyable piece, especially when trying to understand its historical concept. I have never heard a piece like this before until I heard its performance by the Cleveland Orchestra. I then looked for the original composer and realized that he was a professional in classical music. The composition can be danced in slow processional motion and is appropriate in orchestra houses. The composition was selected for analysis because it was performed by the Cleveland Orchestra.

In consideration of the elements, the listener can be mesmerized by the pitch of the composition. There are no high pitches throughout the music. The rhythm was smooth and enticed the listener to enjoy the tone-quality without the distraction of music levels. By analyzing this song, it is easy to understand that conventional performers used musical instruments that were more refined than the original composers. Finally, I feel that the program by Richard Conrad at 90.1 FM is perfect in playing classical music. I have learned to appreciate the program because it enlightens about the historical aspects of music and conventional music composers and performers.

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