Critical Response to "Eat that Frog!" book by Brian Tracy

Published: 2022-12-16
Critical Response to "Eat that Frog!" book by Brian Tracy
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In the Book Eat that Frog by Brian Tracy, the author reveals his life story about how he rose to dominance regardless of his poor beginning. The books discuss essential things and concepts that one need to observe in his or her personal development. It captures interesting revelations and numerous methods and techniques which are complete in themselves to increase the output, productivity, and performance of a person based on the values which are pertinent in the person's life.

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Similarly, it addresses critical concepts that are necessary for one to be successful in all their endeavors. Tracy varies these concepts and strategies to make them effective based on the actual situation which is available. The book "Eat That Frog!" gives no limit that must be observed for one realize and accomplish their goals. Instead, it provides several opportunities and possibilities which are relevant for one to use in achieving all the achievable goals.

Interestingly the book gives focused and determine persons an opportunity to be selective in the choices they make in their lives. This should be in line with the individual's ability in ensuring that task at hand is done and completed within the stipulated time. Clear priorities among average persons are addressed amicably with the aim of sensitizing them to ensure that their tasks are completed within the specified time without unnecessary inconveniences. The Book, "Eat That Frog!" supports that being truthful in all the activities and operations which one is involved in. It asserts that remaining focused, consulting adequately and living to the goal gives one an opportunity to accomplish his or her goals comprehensively. This paper examines the critical evaluation of the book, "Eat That Frog!" and its worthiness in creating a system of dependability among people.

The relevance of the book "Eat That Frog!" to My Life

The text addresses essential and crucial issues which are necessary for my personal developments and the realization of my goals. It allows me to circumnavigate through all possibilities which may help be an all-around person who is focused and determined to achieve the best for his future (O'Connor 56). The text also sensitizes on the importance of making the right choices if one wants to grow and develop in his or her careers. In its provision of the rules for frog eating which is used symbolically, the text gives us an opportunity to remain focused in our performance to ensure that all that we produce are of high quality and desirable. Notably, as a novice and enthusiastic individual, the text gives me an opportunity to make the right choices and take actions immediately on major tasks which require my attention.

The relevance of the book "Eat That Frog!" and the View of the World

The text adversely provides crucial illustrations which are prudent in shaping the world as well as the individual who has chosen certain concepts for their self-development. The world is in steady progress and needs on the focused and individuals who are goal oriented and optimistic. It attempts to elevate and give people hope the text captures fundamental concepts that are pertinent in the lives of all individual regardless of the gender, social status, position or social class (Tracy 143). It views the world as an oblique object which requires widespread attention to fathom some of the issues which are necessary to make it stable. Notably, in its discussion of the importance of taking immediate actions, the text asserts that "In our world, and especially in our business world, you are paid and promoted for getting specific, measurable results. You are paid for making a valuable contribution and especially, for making the most important contribution that is expected of you." this shows that for one to be successful and achieve all his goals, he or she must remain focused and determine as well as participate fully in ensuring that such issues are addressed with the diligence that they require.

Lessons from the Text

The book "Eat that Frog!" by Brian Tracy is a compelling motivational text that carries significant lessons to individuals who are agitated to achieve the best in their lives. The book also reveals that developing a positive addiction is a secret to success. If one develops an addiction on something, they feel enhanced, triggered and confident in starting an organized a result; they are capable of finishing their tasks in good time.

Similarly, the text reveals short cuts are always dangerous, and any person who chooses that path usually topples and fall. However, it advised that it is prudent for every individual to heighten their practices to enable them to master their skills to accomplish their goals within the recommended time. The text massively addresses crucial issues which touches the lives of all human beings. It provides several alternatives which can be used to accomplish specific tasks for personal development and achievement of goals.

Additionally, it reveals the importance of the three Ds of New Habit Formation. These include the decision, discipline and determination and their relevance in completing specific tasks. Any individual who can visualize himself or herself is capable of maintaining a particular habit which determines his mental picture in his or her behavior (Dabell 13). Similarly, it confirms that setting tables eases operations which one intends to indulge in for quality and evident personal productivity.

Moreover, while reading the text, it was clear that the success of a person depends on the efforts which such people are making in their lives. It provides basic concepts which must be observed to keep one on track for the realization of his or her goals (Tracy 123). The language used in addressing the issues is simple and easy to understand. Similarly, the local discussion process and the use of first-person narrations make it more valuable. Notably, the text forms the best of art forms. The choice of proper diction and clarity makes in palatable as art artwork. Use of Symbols such as frogs and elephants among others to explain certain concepts gives it a literary form which is only common in art and literature. "How do you eat your biggest, ugliest frog? The same way; you break it down into specific step-by-step activities, and then you start on the first one." this portrays time and its relevance in making real revelations.

In conclusion, the text "Eat that Frog" is one of the best books that one need read for his or her personal developments. Reading the book gives one hope of becoming successful regardless of their beginning until they realize their worth. I can relent reading it again and again and more about the author, Brian Tracy especially those which are related to human growth and developments. Overall, I would recommend someone to read this text especially the students and civil servants who are experiencing challenges in their lives and want a solution out.

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