Essay Sample: Trip to Colorado Rockies and Hudson River Valley

Published: 2020-02-21
Essay Sample: Trip to Colorado Rockies and Hudson River Valley
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Trip to Colorado Rockies

Friday evening was our arrival time in Colorado. The whole family settled in the lower altitude due to several reasons, one being the warmer evenings. Our first drive around the Rocky Mountain was on the fifteenth of June, the most spectacular thing that struck me was the tremendous amount of snow. The snow stood at least fifteen feet tall and the snow cut in the Alpine visiting Center was above ten feet tall. The weather was spectacular including thunder showers of the afternoon. The thick snow and clear blue skies made the Park a cool spot for taking beautiful photos. We spent at least five days exploring the beautiful rock park. We did a lot of hiking activities within Rock Mountain too. Our hike started with the hike around Bear Lake and ended with Albert Falls, a distance of 2.5 miles (Andrews, (2011). The second day we covered 3.5 miles distance from Nymph Lake to Emerald Lake (Andrews, 2011). The last day we wound up the hike to Bierstadt Lake.

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Trip to Hudson River Valley

According to Robinson (2014), the river runs from Adirondacks all the way to Statue of Liberty. The heart of the Hudson River makes up the Hudson River valley. We started our trip on the Eastern side of the River. The Eastern side is flashier with historic homes. We visited Dia Beacon which is a one and a quarter hour drive through the Petro-North Railroad. Dia Beacon forms a modern collection of art which is housed within a 240000-sq-foot (Robinson, 2014). The other part of the river that we toured was the Poughkeepsies Walkway. This pedestrian bridge is the longest worldwide and forms a valley hub for the river. The last spot we visited the Hudson River Valley was Vanderbilt Mansion, which is a historic site at the Northern end of Hyde Park. It has different millionaire mansions and moguls of 19th Century.

Negative impacts of man on the environment

The main way in which man negatively impact the environment is through pollution of natural resources. Pollution refers to the introduction of energy or substances liable for causing harm to ecological systems and living resources (Robinson, 2014)). The first aspect of environmental pollution by man is air pollution. The major air pollution sources are cement works, generators used in various industries, thermal power plants, refineries, and fume emissions by different industries. Most of the fuels used by vehicles and moving machines release a lot of Sulphur dioxide into the atmosphere. The existence of Sulphur dioxide gas in the atmosphere is dangerous since it combines with rain water to cause acid rains that are hazardous to human health.

The other negative impact of man on the environment is water pollution. The primary contributors to water pollution are non-industrial and industrial solid and liquid wastes (Robinson, 2014)). Industrial firms found at the coast discharge their wastes into the sea. The inland industries discharge their wastes into the running streams and deep boreholes. Non-industrial wastes pose an enormous danger to man and the environment. A great deal. Liquid wastes in many encounters are discharged into the water bodies without preliminary treatment.

The final negative impact of man on the environment is through soil pollution. The increased use of synthetic fertilizer and chemicals have degraded the soil a great deal. The introduction of these foreign chemical particles within the soil has killed many soil micro-organisms. The reduction in the number of the soil microbes reduces the rate of degradation of dead plants and animal bodies thus reduced nutrient formation within the ground (Robinson, 2014)). The pesticides and herbicides used by the farmers have high risks of poisoning the farms produce. At toxic levels, this can cause death to the consumers of these products.


Andrews, T. G. (2011). An Environmental History of the Kawuneeche Valley and the Headwaters of the Colorado River, Rocky Mountain National Park.

Robinson, N. A. (2014). Environmental regulation of real property. Law Journal Press.

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