Navigation Plan Essay, Free Example for You

Published: 2022-03-29
Navigation Plan Essay, Free Example for You
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Education, in the past, was about teaching new knowledge to students. However, in the present times, education entails developing reliable compass and navigation skills of finding out way in the future within an ambiguous an uncertain world. It is through accessing deeper levels of humanity through education can collective wisdom be applied in guiding human efforts for future stability. These efforts entail the approaches used in identifying self, activities one engages in and relating the activities and the person. To achieve such a fate, it is necessary to cultivate the inner ability, inner qualities, and continuous embrace personal learning. This is also made possible through relating astuteness from other people, nature, and the future.

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Different tools can be applied in navigating to the future. Among these, include collaborative community groups, leadership fellowships and connection with the inner world (Buchanan, 2016). I decided to employ the tool for cultivating my inner world to be in touch with my thought, values, and higher purpose. By turning myself, I was able to envision my dream about my future and analyze how my dream is to respond to the changing situations in the world. In reality, everyone dreams about their future; whether they desire to become scientists of become famous people. Just like everyone else, I also have a dream. I have a dream of going to college and becoming an accountant engineer. I initially developed an interest in this field when I was ten years old. It is during this time when I assisted my father in washing his car and I earned my first pound. Later on, I came to understand that individuals who exercise the power of money are able to make decisions pertaining the future of the society. I made up my mind that I want to be one of such people.

People employ different techniques of navigating through space and time. I resorted to reimagining education by acquiring skills from different sources to actualize my full potential. To widen my knowledge on different aspects of accounting, I have studied numerous books on the subject- from 'Rich Dad Poor Dad", "How things work", and economists' magazines. Through individual absorption in such productions, I have been able to derive the insight on topics I have not covered in school and learn from the experience of other economists. For instance, I have learnt about how Japanese management approaches influenced the share price for most of the vehicle companies in the world. As such, the insight from the books have enabled me appreciate the significance of finance to the lives of everyone. From the physics books, I have come to realize that it is possible to improve every design and progress things.

I developed a keen interest in envisaging education early in my elementary levels. From my high school, I obtained a firm foundation for studying accounting at the university. I enjoyed business studies classes as it was concerned with how firms applied financial strategies and the most critical areas in organization managers ought to make investments. Particularly, I appreciated the logical approaches, set order and method I developed from the Mathematics classes. From the analytical skills, I was able to distinguish the pieces of information and apply them to make personal decisions (Buchanan, 2016). Based on these skills and information I acquired, I am certain I am able to pursue a degree in Accounting at the university. The diversity provided by Maths, Business, and Physics has offered strong comprehension of the theoretical and practical concepts, which are necessary in the course I am to take. In addition, being fluent in English has provided me the good communication skills that are necessary in the globalization era.

It excites me to ponder on the past structures and the future in accountant engineering, and how I optimistically will play a significant role in the redefinition of the environment. On several occasions, the knowledge I acquired in one of these subjects assisted me with the other. This happened after considering the potential engineering solutions. For instance, outside of studying, I developed a passion in individual mathematics challenges where I achieved five gold awards, scoring thrice highest in my final year in high school. I managed to represent my school in the team maths challenge where I acquired additional knowledge on maths knowledge. I also enjoy riding my bicycle during my free time. During this time, I have had to maintain my bicycle and develop it. From the past structures, I have become more interested with the concept of material of choice for its ability. Precisely, I have become interested in replacement of aluminum with carbon fiber. As such, the activities I have engaged in have propelled me to enhance such skills as team-building, leadership and time management.

My ambition in future of becoming an Accountant engineer will enable me identify project scope, measure and communicate the costs of project outcome. To achieve this dream, my first step is to go to college. I am hopeful that the higher institution I will enroll in will provide me with a better understanding of the business world and offer me a broad range of alternatives and connections for my course. I hope to apply the acquired skills in management and financial reporting for engineering projects. I am certain that with the career success, personal interests, and attributes, I am well suited to pursue accountant engineering. I know I have to attain the best grades to actualize my dream. After acquiring a doctorate degree, I hope to get a position to lend my hand in possibly improving endless possibilities in engineering. I dream of pursuing the dream through the fundamental principles of engineering, I shall have equipped myself with; I will be able to apply them to find solutions to engineering problems, both imaginative and iconic.

These are some of my plans for the future. I plan to achieve something for myself. However, all these can become a dream if I fail to work on my major fear- of failing. I know that I will have to try severally and at a time or two fail. However, I will not allow this challenge to influence my future. My family expects o much from me, and I think I have made some achievement. My plans are what keep me going; for they are an object for me to achieve. I know I will have to attain a plan at a time. By pursuing my dream, which is a branch of project accounting. I hope to acquire the necessary knowledge that will propel me to document and make use of the resources available in engineering projects.


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