"Terry Crews Stands his Ground After Controversial 'Black Supremacy' Tweet" - Free Essay

Published: 2023-09-27
"Terry Crews Stands his Ground After Controversial 'Black Supremacy' Tweet" - Free Essay
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Racism has always been an issue in the United States of America since time immemorial. Black Americans account for 13% of the USA's population. White supremacy is a dogma that seeks to oppress the blacks. The entertainer, Terry Crews, adopted the "Black Supremacy" philosophy, in a tweet, which landed him in trouble. Since the internet is a powerful tool for the emancipation of the masses, users need to be sensitive to the kind of information they post therein.

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In the tweet post, 'Black Supremacy' Terry Crews talks about how white supremacy would have no meaning if it lacks the whites. The entertainer argues out that such would only create black supremacy, which transforms to racial equality. He closes the tweet by writing, "Like it or not; we are all in this together." The tweet brought about outrageous outbursts from netizens who felt that Terry Crews is insensitive. Most people think that as an icon in the entertainment industry, he should not have posted such content on his Twitter handle. However, the entertainer defended his assertions by saying that his claims were valid, and people need to fight together as one to end racism in America.

Social media is a powerful tool of communication, and people need to be careful with what they post. Most people use social media to communicate their feelings and thoughts. It serves as a therapy to people undergoing traumatic episodes in their lives or those who have something, they would need to cough off their chests. Terry talks about racism, which is a controversial topic in the USA. People feel that the entertainer should not have come up with the term black supremacy because the original form of such a term is rooted in racism philosophy. Internet users did not take such kindly, and they refuted his claims. It is always wise for someone to be careful when posting sensitive information online. Hurting other people's feelings is not right. Since the blacks in America have not yet healed from the death of their own, George Floyd, Terry should have waited a bit longer before posting such a thing. Talking about black supremacy was not right at all. Two wrongs do not make a right, and by Terry talking about black supremacy, he asked for war between the two races.

Social media users should mind ethical considerations whenever they post anything. Terry posts something that hurts the feelings of the black minorities in America. The blacks interpreted that what Terry was advising is a racist war, which makes the blacks angry. The blacks in America reacted outrageously on his tweets, as several retweeted. Instead of apologizing for the damage, Terry goes further to support himself, saying that he was seeking love and reconciliation. He gives the example of George Floyd, who was killed just the other day and said that he saw himself in the picture of this man who was killed because of his skin pigment. However, if Terry wanted to talk about racism from the positive angle, he should have made his claims clear instead of leaving the netizens space to make their inferences. Using the internet irresponsibly is unethical and should be discouraged.

Social media platforms are not regulated, and users may tend to abuse such platforms. Someone must filter information before letting it out to the world, especially when it is controversial and inclined to hurt people's feelings. Iconic figures should be particularly careful because they know that they have a lot of influence on their followers. From the media ethics point of view, Terry's post deserves the hate speech tag.

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