Essay Sample on Techniques and Advantages of Meditation

Published: 2023-04-05
Essay Sample on Techniques and Advantages of Meditation
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Meditation covers six aspects, namely, discursiveness, delusion, intelligence, hate, faith, and greed. People who act from faith are akin to people working from greed. Such that, greedy individuals have a strong faith when they work wholesomely. In a wholesome plane, faith and greed take no offense. For instance, greed does not leave a harmful object; the same concept applies to faith (Lopez, 2004). In essence, faith does not let go of that which is beneficial.

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Intelligent people are akin to the individual to those who act in hate. People who are so much possessed with hatred have abundant wisdom to be active when they act wholesomely. The reasoning is because intelligence qualities are similar to hatred qualities. In the same way, hate strives for faults despite their existence, so wisdom calls for understanding.

One of the advantages of meditation is a person can think like a virtuous person to escape dangers. Such that, a person can be subdued based on their unsteady senses. People who are weighed by senses suffer the same way in both their souls and bodies.

Lessons of Zen meditation

The four lines of meditation of Zen argues that people who perform meditation for even one session destroy innumerable accumulated sins. Such people do not have a wrong path, for the paradise of Amida Budha is not far. From the four lines, two aspects can be drawn namely the destruction of sin and repentance (Lopez, 2004). In the third line, "the wrong path" refers to people whose leadership is based on reincarnation as an animal, ghosts, and dwellers in hell. In practicing Zen meditation, instead of question the shortness of time, a person's mind should be in a continuous and steady-state. On the concept of "even one session destroy innumerable accumulated sins," it implies that one session has greater power. In essence, one session refers to a single sitting, where people cannot leave their meditation until it is completely vanquished.

Lessons by the king learn in Discussion with Nagasena One thing King Milinda learned from Nagasena is when he asked him to explain how his reverence known. Nagasena exclaimed that she is widely known and his name "Nagasena" is denomination, mere, a current appellation, a conceptual term, and a designation name. In other words, his name cannot be apprehended by a real person.

On the concept of morality, the King learns from Nagasena that all animals and plants that grow, increase, and prosper to perform those actions to support themselves on earth. In this context, the earth acts as their basis and thus gives them support (Lopez, 2004). If morality is the basis, the Yogin develop cardinal virtues such as wisdom, concentration, mindfulness, vigor, and faith.

One thing that builders of the city first clears before construction is making the site by removing the thorns and stumps and leveling it. In the same way, do the Yogin develops five cardinal virtues with morality as its basis and support? Nagasena defines faith as to believe that makes serene and leaps forward. Such that if faith increases, it captures the five hindrances making the heart to obtain liberty, un-disturbed, serene, and clear. When the Yogin sees other people heart set free, the Yogin leaps forward as a sign of aspiration. In other words, the Yogin strive to realize the unrealized and attain the unattained.


Lopez, D. (2004). Buddhist Scriptures. Penguin UK.

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