Can AI Help with Performance Management? Free Essay with the Article Review

Published: 2022-03-28
Can AI Help with Performance Management? Free Essay with the Article Review
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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is intelligence inhibited by machines that respond in contrast with the natural knowledge as displayed in human and other animals. The article "can AI help with performance management" by Adi Gaskell is an article that defines a collection of information concerning the involvement of artificial intelligence to performance management. Performance management may involve different selection practices considering the changes in technology and the need for technology in a different setting. In this case, the artificial intelligence gains usage in the performance management of football players.

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Importance of Artificial Intelligence in Performance Management

As per the content of the article, different researchers imply on the involvement of the artificial intelligence in the football setting especially the players. The utilization of the AI by the human resource management is significantly low; however, there are chances that the technology would play a significant role in the analysis of data which is fundamental in understanding the performance especially in teams. Performance data and information is present in football, whereby the use of statistics is essential and is visible in different proportions. Vital data, for instance, mental attributes of a player are necessary for most of the game appearances, which may be difficult to judge from a physical view.

In a collection of a study, the data attained significant use, especially in attributing between the values of player as to whether they deserve the high costs or are they just overpriced. The gauging of each of the player's worthiness is essential especially with a focus on their attributes in the pitch. With the machine analysis, the artificial intelligence implies on the measurements that related to the performance of the players by disclosing reliable statistics. The statistics may include the performance (such as passing accuracy) and abilities (such as ball control). With consideration of these aspects of the performance management, the involved parties would understand the attributes of each player thus gauging their prices regarding salaries and wages.

Correspondingly, the AI would play a principal role in helping spot the weak points in the team. With a study defining the involvement of different information concerning the activity of the football players, they cover every detail of a specified match. The analysis may not be a new intervention, but it would render more advantages, for instance, improving the understanding of the tactical insight of the overall team. The provision of the tactical data would help in the evaluation of what needs to be done to ensure the acquisition of precise results. The creation of a broader view of the activities of the players during a match is very vital. For example, it would imply on the different events the strikers would make during an attack and also the practices of the defenders pointing out the weakness. Also, the AI would help in player analyses. The player analyses are a fundamental aspect of every match setting. The use of the AI technology would assist the managers in understanding what each player is doing and what they need to perform better.

Response to The Article

Every performance setting requires a significant amount of interaction and analysis. With the proper reviews, then it means that the performance would increase to the benefit of the task at hand. Correspondingly, in the involvement of the football teams, the performance management is essential since it promotes development and success. With the use of the artificial intelligence (AI), it would help in improving the activities which involve the analyses of the players and the entire football setting. The AI plays a significant operation in the implementation of performance management.

Question: What ways can artificial intelligence affect performance management negatively?


Gaskell, A. (2018). Can AI Help with Performance Management?

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