Visiting Tom Davis Factory in China - Personal Experience Essay Example

Published: 2018-03-07
Visiting Tom Davis Factory in China - Personal Experience Essay Example
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Ever wondered where and how the glasses that over 4 billion people on earth wear are made. Well, I was lucky enough to go and visit one of the many factories in the world that produce them. On January 5th I set off for Shenzhen, China. Which is about a 15-hour trip, 13 hours by air and then two more hours by road. When we arrived in the city, we went to a remarkable hotel called Sandborg Hotel where we were treated to some Chinese New Year’s pastries.

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The real beauty of the trip began the following day when we made our way to the Tom Davies Bespoke Factory, where the staff gave us a warm welcome to the factory. In the factory, we went through various departments, finance department, marketing department, design department and finally where the glasses are actual produced.

As we were there this is what we picked up; Tom Davis Glasses are designed by CAD drawing program, it takes into account three critical elements of size, the eye size, length and the thickness of the nose bridge. Even the eye wire pattern is measurements are determined and designed by CAD in the design department.

After the designs are made and the measurements were given, work on the frame begins. There are two types of frames the normal acetate (plastic) frames and titanium frames which are milled from a single piece of titanium. The frames utilize a new unique laser machine technology that cut and mill acetate and titanium frames precisely to the dimensions required. After which each frame is hand checked precisely then they are taken to the tumblers where they stay for about 10 to 12 hours. This process of tumbling the acetate frames makes their surface smooth. After this process, the frames go back to CAD designing stage where they are checked piece by piece for correct dimensions since each eye wire is handmade to match the custom frame made. In conclusion, from our visit to the factory, I have seen that each Tom Davis glasses go under a strict quality control process to produce nothing but the best quality and design glasses for its customers.

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