Free Essay Sample about a Writer's Muse

Published: 2017-07-03
Free Essay Sample about a Writer's Muse
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Every person has experienced writer's block in their life, however few can effectively overcome this disheartening obstacle when composing their personal literary masterpiece. I myself have been to this black hole, void of creative thought, and the only way I have found to escape is simple. Writer`s block is just another way of saying that you do not have any inspiration to create your paper, and I would like to introduce you to my solution.

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When I can`t seem to find inspiration for a paper, I take a step back and stop staring at the blank white document on my computer screen. The best way to find inspiration is to live life and experience all of its ups and downs. For me taking a break from that paper allows me clear my head, and with a clear head I find the inspiration for which every paper I have ever written. That inspiration is life, plain and simple. We draw from our memories and our experiences whenever we create any form of art. Whether or not a paper is for school, business, or you just simply like writing, it is still literary art. Art is something that draws from one`s life to take form into something brilliant, something beautiful, something that is completely and totally you. Go for a walk, get ice cream with some friends, play with your dog, whatever you want to do as long as it is not writing that paper. After an hour, or however long it takes you to clear your mind, then you can return to gloomy computer screen housing the terrible blank white document that you have yet to conquer. Fret not my friend for the catalyst of life has blessed you with the inspiration that you have so desperately needed, now you just have to bring forth this gift life has granted. Take whatever your topic is and just think about it, don`t write just think. Let your mind wander around this topic, let ideas form and manifest, go ahead and bounce them off of your friends or family. As soon as an Idea sticks don`t hesitate to pounce on it, start writing immediately, and keep that momentum up so that you could maybe, just maybe formulate that extraordinary piece of art that has been giving you so much trouble. And that is all you have to do to find inspiration to create your masterpiece paper.

In summary, when the light of inspiration dims in your mind take a step away from your project and experience life for awhile. When you feel ready to attempt writing again sit down and let ideas take shape in your mind, don`t try to force something to come out before it`s ready. If you have too many ideas, go ahead and bounce them off of friends or family and see what sticks. Once you find an Idea do not let it fade away, start writing as soon as you can. The key to finding your inspiration is to live your life to the fullest and draw from those experiences.

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