Essay Sample with the SWOT Analysis of Eezee Limited

Published: 2022-03-31
Essay Sample with the SWOT Analysis of Eezee Limited
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Eezee Limited is a small-medium, business-to-business (B2B) and one-stop online enterprise situated in Singapore specializing in supplies and industrial goods. It offers a secure and convenient platform for sellers and buyers of industrial supplies and hardware. The purpose of's one-stop platform is to provide a conducive business environment for purchasers and suppliers because the company's objective is to improve the B2B transactions by enhancing the process and procedures of purchasing and selecting suppliers to be affordable, convenient and quicker. Since the company can do this, there is a higher probability of obtaining a right trajectory pathway through overcoming weaknesses and threats reflected in the company's SWOT tool.

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Eezee Limited takes pride of its comprehensive catalogue of products consisting of hardware, power tools, school and office stationery and personal protective equipment (PPE) such as safety harness, safety goggles, safety glasses and safety shoots (Eezee Limited, 2018). The second strength of the company is the convenience of selling and purchasing of products because its platform allows easy contrasting and comparing products and their prices, creating quotations that are on demand and enabling buyers to choose supplies most relevant to their budget and needs. Thirdly, Eezee Limited's procedure for merchant selection is rigorous hence buyers are guaranteed of authenticity and quality of merchandise ordered via the one-stop online platform. Other attributes of the company include free sourcing services, 24-hour online customer service, secure payment gateways and reliable means of delivering goods throughout Singapore.


The ease at which sellers join Eezee's platform increases the number of suppliers which raise the competition level which deter the strong brands from bringing their products into the company's system (Eezee Limited, 2018). A large number of sellers denies suppliers or sellers to offer their products at profitable and fair prices. As the company specializes in Singapore market mainly, it has reduced market share on global B2B transactions thus explaining its inability to compete with international rivals such as Alibaba and Amazon.


Because of the enormous strengths that Eezee Limited had, there are countless opportunities that the company can leverage. First, technological advancement presents chances for Eezee Limited to acquire in-depth comprehension of e-commerce and its working principles. Such a move will enable the company to connect with international markets. Eevee's attempt to go global by participating in cross-border e-commerce and Global Shopping Festival is an opportunity to achieve expanded service and product offering.


The fierce international and domestic competition in the B2B industry is the significant threat to Amazon as the considerable rival being the most influential online B2B player whose operations are more extensive on global nations compared to Eezee Limited. Since one of the strategies that Eezee Limited is anticipating to enhance its competitive advantage is e-commerce for online transactions, internet security is one of the major threats. Over the recent years, B2B operations have been a new mode of products selling thus the little comprehension of the concept reduces the number of users and creates low demands in both domestic and foreign markets. In the recent past, Singapore has been experiencing severe recessions due to economic downturns since 2008 (Jordan, 2015). As a result, there is a significant level of slack in B2B industry's macro-environment. The weak growth of Singapore's economy results in reduced spending and consumption of products that Eezee Limited specializes in thus decreasing the possibility of making a profit and competing for favourable with global B2B dealers.

As evident from the SWOT analysis, Eezee can leverage opportunities and capitalize on weakness can assist the organization to provide hassle-free and convenient to achieve increased efficiency.


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