Leadership and Holy Spirit: A 100-Year Perspective

Published: 2022-12-27
Leadership and Holy Spirit: A 100-Year Perspective
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As much as leadership is concerned in the entire world for the past one hundred years, holy spirit has played a vital role in shaping out some of the best leaders that are both spiritually and politically enriched with enough knowledge. This has created a responsible community worldwide. However, this is not the same case in 100% of the world countries and states, in some, there is still illiteracy about the holy spirit and some leaders still do not actually see its main necessity in relationship with their leadership CITATION Mas16 \l 1033 (Mason, 2016). The existence of Islamic religion in some regions is also an indication that knowledge of the holy spirit and the faith in God has not yet penetrated in them.

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First, it plays the role of selecting appropriate leaders that can lead. This can be evidenced in the book of (Acts 6:3-6) when choosing for the seven leaders to take care of the widows, the apostle was guided by the power of the holy spirit. This is a similar case in Vatican City where a spiritual leader of the well known roman catholic was elected to become the head of state as well and is currently serving in the two positions CITATION MaW16 \l 1033 (Ma, 2016).

Holy Spirit also helps in making leaders bold in the minds of leaders, which makes them strong enough to address certain issues in their states. In the past 10 decades, various leaders have emerged to be so strong in the public, for example back in the 1970s and 1980s, the European countries have. It is necessary to have that confidence as a leader, as there may arise some complex issues which need boldness or else your idea is overturned by other people. Generally, the holy spirit helps many to adopt what is referred to as courageous leadership. In relation to the Bible, John and Peter are seen to speak unapologetic words of truth to the influential leaders who were very stubborn and stiff towards Christians in Israel (Acts 4:13).

In addition, the holy spirit helps in building strength, encouraging abilities and peaceful leadership storms, leaders in the past days have experienced a lot of suffering or persecution is some instances, to help in overcoming this effectively, it is important that the leaders have holy spirit to enable them to propel such massacres. In in the past one hundred years, holy spirit has enabled leaders with protection during their journeys, or meetings they attend to. With the help of holy spirit, one is able to even foresee of the obstacles that are set to harm in the future and reveal possible suggestions to be taken to escape from them. This is also evidenced in the bible times when holy spirit appears and warns Paul against traveling to Jerusalem in (Acts 21:4-11).

Besides protection, the world has also evolved with a wide margin if it is to be compared with the infrastructure that was present back 100 years ago. Holy Spirit also plays a big role in ensuring that it compels to their duties as required, and avoid the issue of squandering finances meant for development. Spiritual leaders are found to be too genuine and clear in their duties. Without the existence of this holy spirit, then it would be true to say that the current view of the world would only be seen in another forthcoming one hundred years. This is not enough; it also helps leaders to prevent the occurrences of conflicts or the best mitigation processes to help curb the effects.

This phenomenon discussed in this essay is very essential towards creating an ecclesial leadership. Holy Spirit helps in shaping up the community in bringing up future spiritual leaders that can continue with the development of the infrastructure preventing chaos and coming up with concrete solutions for solving issues in case they arise CITATION Syn10 \l 1033 (Synan, 2010).


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