Paper Example on Airline and Airport Management

Published: 2022-12-26
Paper Example on Airline and Airport Management
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Aims/objective of the research with data protection

The objectives of the research:

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  • To determine the level of satisfaction among travelers using the Philippine airline and Ryan air airlines.
  • To determine the distinct features that the planes of Philippine airline and Ryan air airlines that make them stand out in the industry.
  • To identify what needs to be done by other industry players in order to be competitive.
  • To determine how technology and innovation make the company's stand out in the services that they offer.

The objective of the research is to understand more about the reasoning of the travelers that make them opt to use the same airline whenever they are traveling. In most instances travelers are expected to use different airlines to have a wide range of experience; they try to evaluate the best airline offering the best services in the industry. Previous research has shown that customers tend to be loyal to the service provider that provides the best service in the industry.

The customers of the airlines indicated that they are satisfied by the services offered by the company; therefore, they do not see the need to move to other airlines that they are not sure of whether they offer similar services (Hussain 2016, p. 237). The travelers indicated that they are offered the best services that they don't receive when they are using other airlines. The air hostesses provide the best and personalized services to the customers depending on their needs. The customer's worries and needs are fixed at a personal level. The personalized services make travelers comfortable using the airline because they know that their challenges will be addressed.

The Philippine airline and Ryan air airlines have innovated and come up with ways of making their planes suitable to the needs of the customers. They request the manufacturer of the airplanes to custom the planes and align them to the needs of the clients (Hussain, Al Nasser, and Hussain, 2015 p. 156). Other players in the industry need to come up with innovations that will meet the needs of their clients. Other airline companies offer similar services in the industry; hence no competition could make them innovative. Some of the distinct services offered include making the planes comfortable to people living with disabilities. The elderly are also considered during the modification of the planes.

More people are traveling using air transport; hence competition in the industry need to be more competitive for the players to offer quality services to their clients (Hussain 2016, p. 239). Competition ensures that the services provided in the industry meet the standards that are required. Their clients have ably accepted the Philippine airline and Ryan air airlines because they have maintained their customer base. The airlines are a classic example to other players in the industry that offer similar services.


In conclusion, the Philippine airline and Ryan air airlines have been able to continue offering quality services to their customers. The customers are satisfied with the services provided by the airlines. More research needs to be done to find out how other players grow to meet the needs of their customers. Aviation industry I multiplying hence it needs to be among the most relied mode of transport.

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