Free Essay with the Summary of the News Article Biting Into Aging Issue

Published: 2019-09-06
Free Essay with the Summary of the News Article Biting Into Aging Issue
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Australia's aging population has placed immense pressure on almost all spheres of the country's society. It has affected tax revenues, productivity, economic growth, healthcare, and the welfare system. In Tasmania, a major crisis is looming in dental healthcare because of a rapidly rising ageing population. The problem could soon be replicated soon all nationally as well as globally as many other countries such as China and India face an increase in the ageing population. This population, Baby Boomer generation, is entering the aged care centres with natural teeth, unlike the previous generation which entered this stage of life having dentures. The differences in teeth between the two generations is a cause for alarm. This is because natural teeth pose more health associated problems as compared to dentures. This challenge translates to huge dental care costs as the country will have to give dental care in aged care facilities. Consequently, more resources will have to be channelled towards this so as to achieve the most efficient system of dental health care. A well designed and efficient system will help in addressing todays challenges as well as those of future generations as the problem is likely to escalate with the decrease in working population and the rise in ageing population (Biting into ageing issue, 2016). This is a summary of the news article Biting into ageing issue and is related to Chapter 5- Population.

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The health challenges of an ageing population are of global significance. The world will soon have a higher population of the old compared to the young. As such, the governments should brace for more expenses for the provision of healthcare, physical and social infrastructures for this group of citizens.


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