Essay Sample on Male Nurse Students in Maternity Ward

Published: 2023-08-13
Essay Sample on Male Nurse Students in Maternity Ward
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The sole purpose of the research study is to scrutinize if male nurse personal employees are working with the medics in the maternity ward. It is aimed at understanding gender challenges in male nurses in charge of female patients in the maternity ward. The Nurses’ Union majorly had female personnel. The Research question: Is there any male nurses in a maternity ward?

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Yang, C., Gau, M., Shiau, S., Hu, W., & Shih, F. (2004). Professional career development for male nurses. Journal of Advanced Nursing, 48(6), 642-650. The male employs as nurses within the maternity ward research case study. The purpose is to reveal Taiwanese nurses of the male gender, explore the professional development of male nurses, and understand the challenges hindering the male profession in the gender aspect. Moreover, elaborate on the identity of strategies cope with difficulties. The methodology of quantitative design on the research among willing 15 nurses of male gender average age of 30.8 in Bachelors's degree enrolment. The astrology and the findings result that Taiwanese nurses of male gender enrolling the nursing profession in pre-study, study, and employment phases. The challenges are related to gender expectations and general public patients. Conclusion based on male students' nursing and clinical experience, Taiwanese male nurses, are sure the profession is suitable for females and males. They were starting at the pre-study stage. Further, the strategies of personal desire and promotion profession in the nursing male gender.

Eswi, A., & El Sayed, Y. (2011). The experience of Egyptian male student nurses during attending maternity nursing clinical course. Nurse Education in Practice, 11(2), 93-98. The study aims to explore the male nursing students in Egypt in the attending of maternity nursing of clinical courses at the Cairo University Maternity Hospital. The methodology of the descriptive design was used in the collection of the data. Quantitative and qualitative data used. The findings were more than half 66.7% prefer dealing with male than female patience. Refusal of female patience to be cared for by males. The unfavorable attitude of the clinical instructor. A suggestion of male teaming up with the female nurse. Substitution of training skills for male lab students. The conclusion was the re-planning of clinical rotation within maternity Nursing and the replacement of experienced male clinicians. Furthermore, strategies speculation about altering nurse male students’ attitudes toward considering more fatherhood. Encourage male students to orient and encourage the identity of the male model role.

(Eswi & El Sayed, 2011) Explore male Nurses' students attending clinical maternity. Descriptive design, both quantitative and qualitative. Clinic course on the maternity of nursing, Cairo university recruiting. They are developing strategies to change male nurse attitudes toward patients. Women are refusing male nurses' service. Cesarean birth embarrassing male students. Male nurses to be oriented and motivated for the role in obstetricians, developing strategies to change the male attitude to fatherhood and childbearing experience.

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