State What You Would Do In This Situation if You Were Fiona. Paper Example

Published: 2023-08-22
State What You Would Do In This Situation if You Were Fiona. Paper Example
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Fiona is faced with the dilemma of remaining in her position or quitting due to the different treatment in terms of salary. She considers herself more qualified for the job when compared to her predecessor. She is paid lower, and this makes her feel uncomfortable working for the company. She also considers the different pay as a result of gender inequality, where males are paid more. If I were Fiona, I would resign from my position.

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Reason for the decision

Companies need to ensure that salary pay is fair across all levels. It should be stated in every position the salary amount that a given level should receive. For instance, Fiona should have received the same pay for similar Bureau Chief like her predecessor. When such a difference is exhibited, it acts as a source of demotivation since the victim will feel belittled and not valued. Further, differences in salary should not be based on gender. Equal pay for all genders occupying the same positions. Segregation based on salary is a key concern that companies should avoid by all means. Therefore, I would also decide to quit the position and company entirely. This is because if I continued serving under different treatments, this would result in unethical advances in the company. Leaving the company shows that I support moral practices and value judgment.

Question 2:

State what you would do in this situation if you were the President.

In this case, the dilemma includes whether or not drilling of oil and gas in the northeastern part of the country XYZ. One argument is based on the rich biodiversity and home to endangered species, alongside clean water. The others argue that the region is underdeveloped and the people lead a poor life. Since value judgment includes an evaluation of something bad or good based on an individual’s priorities or standards, the decision on the moral dilemma would be prohibiting access to the region.

Reason for the decision

In the case of a moral dilemma, you will be compelled to forego one option and adopt the other. The two decisions, when selected, would yield benefits to some extent, there is a need to make a choice that would see the dumping of one decision. The oil and gas region has been preserved for a more extended period by the previous presidents. It has been a significant region for the country and needs to be protected throughout time. Even though the other alternative of allowing drilling of oil and gas to take place would serve in opening up the region and enhancing the life of the local population, the dangers of the decision surpass the benefits. The dangers of industries and factories in the area include air population, degradation, and noise population. It may also lead to health issues among the population and another biodiversity. Safeguarding the region is considered advantageous for the country. The region has the highest biodiversity, including multiple species of animals and plants. Besides, it is home to a series of wild mountain ranges and is associated with clean waters. It hosts endangered species o animals such as polar bears, penguins, seals, and fish, among others.

Question Three

State what you would do in this situation if you were Sally

sally faces an ethical dilemma since she vowed to remain ethical and have a clear sense of what is right or wrong. She also fights against exposing her colleagues, as she considers both choices as disastrous. If I were Sally, I would report the matter to the factory manager.

Reason for the decision

When Sally’s colleagues decide to post a website that openly attacks employees within the factory, it has adverse impacts on the company. The affected employees will ultimately feel demoralized or lead to internal conflicts among the employees. As a result, employee productivity is impacted adversely, and the company faces the threat of poor performance. The website was also used to attack the customers of the factory. This is a risky attempt by the three colleagues as it threatens the reputation of the company. It is ethical to keep the company's wellbeing and work towards protecting the company, especially its image among the customers. In any organization, individual interests should be set aside and more efforts on what benefits the business. Revealing those involved in the act is important for the business as it will serve as an example to other employees on how they should behave in an organization. The moral practice is paramount. All stakeholders in an organization should be prepared to observe it at all times. Even though exposing her colleagues would lead to a poor relationship in the future, this does not mean that she should be scared for the sake of the company. Defending unethical acts should be discouraged. If the factory manager identifies them by checking those who visited the websites, it will threaten even her job.

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