State Democratic Party, Free Essay for Students

Published: 2022-05-02
State Democratic Party, Free Essay for Students
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The disagreement between the Democratic Party, which has a majority share, and the minority Republican Party in Tennessee led to led to the election of a governor who was from the third party. The issues about the bill to allow slaves had a significant effect on the political climate in the party. The Republican Party was in favor of stopping slavery and giving them equal freedom (Baumer 12). However, the Democrats and other members of the Democratic Party were against this decision. The need to retain the southern voters meant that the some of the Democrats were willing to support the government systems that were opposed to civil liberty. Some members of the Republican Party were on the idea that slaves should be given the rights to vote while other members believe slaves should not vote. The debate about the possibility of slaves to be given an opportunity to choose the government representative was a significant move that led to the split of the Democratic Party.

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Apart from the voting rights, the democratic party was split on the segregation issues that were common in the country (Freeman 30). Some of the democratic party members were firmly in favor of the segregation policy while other members thought the restrictions should be lifted. The Jim crow laws did not have the full support of the democratic party. Although most of the states were in favor of supporting the Jim Crow policies, there were some members especially in the republican party that believed this policy was retrogressive and not accepted in the American society. The disagreement between this groups played a critical part in making the different faction split. The split was instrumental in leading to the win of the minority party.

The economic policies were also an instrumental factor that led to the disagreement between different individuals in the democratic party. Some of the people in the democratic party were against the excessive powers that were available to the government. However, other members believed that the government should be tamed and not allowed to reign over its citizens. Since the power of the government came from the people, these Democrats were of the opinion that the citizens should control their government and policy and not the other way round. However, the opposing side of the democratic party was of the view that the government should have free power to allow it carry out the different Mandan dated assigned.

The Democratic Party was associated with conservative ideology and left-leaning. However, as the years went by, some members were against some of the ideals the party stood for such as women voting rights. Since the party was ultra, conservative the idea that some members were leaning toward the liberal side put a strain on the party. The members who favored the party but were not supportive of all the ideologies of the Democratic Party played a critical role in the split of the party (James 25). People who leaned on the center decided to form another party that would address their concerns.

Finally, the Democrats had differences when it came to the immigration policies. One side believed in strict immigration policies while the other side was opposed to immigration. There was also disagreement in the disagreement party, which was a result of whether people should get the death penalty. One side favored the death penalty while the other party was against such legislation.

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