An Adaptation of Disney Princess Movies, Essay Example

Published: 2018-05-04
An Adaptation of Disney Princess Movies, Essay Example
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Cinderella Adaptation Essay

Cindy, a young princess, woke up to a noisy downstairs. It was unusual that she could hear the noise from her room, an attic of the lavish mansion that was left behind by her dead mother. The noise and the yelling were coming from her two stepsisters who, for the past couple of hours, had been arguing about the dresses they could wear to their senior prom. “Oh, dresses!” Cindy thought to herself. She had completely forgotten about what she was going to wear for prom.

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As she walked downstairs, half excited and half worried about the dress, her cruel stepmother, Olivia, yelled out her name summoning her to the kitchen. Swiftly but in a timid tone, Cindy walked across the hallway leading to the kitchen, only to see her two stepsisters in beautiful and dazzling dresses. She, however, knew that Olivia, her cruel stepmother who had disposed of all her cute clothes, would not let her anything like what her two stepsisters wore. “You will be working at the store on Friday night!” Olivia said, “But…” Cindy interrupted. However, Olivia shut her out before she could get another word in. Friday night was prom night. Cindy was sad. She had no one to talk to, and so, she sought solace at her mother’s grave. As she sat at the grave in agony and distress, her mother sent her, Martha, a fairy Godmother, who in her hands, held a blue, sparkling dress. “But I will not attend prom anyway?” Cindy mumbled.

Martha had already vanished by the time Cindy tried on her new dress. As she walked into the backyard admiring her dress, Cindy saw a tall, handsome man with dark brown eyes, strolling past her stepmother’s mansion. “My name is Prince, it’s short for Princeton, you are such a pretty face, I would like you to be my prom Queen on prom night, and…” he talked and talked, but Cindy did not say much. This made Cindy very excited. She could not hold back her tears of Joy. She, was, however, not sure of what to do to her shift at Olivia’s store. She did not care anymore. On prom night, Prince pulled over at the Mansion, and Cindy’s stepsisters were down with envy, upon seeing Cindy with the handsome Prince, the man every girl in the city admired.

An Adaptation of the Film Snow White and a Beautiful College Freshman

Lynn Parker is a beautiful college freshman who against all the odds, pledges her late mother’s once-dignified sorority, in college. As a leader and a very active member of the group, Lynn begins to sense something fishy with other members of the team. Upon realizing that unlike her mother’s perception of the sorority, the modern day sisterhood is not as genuine as it used to be, Lynn flees from her home to a place far away from her friends and family.

Lynn eventually finds a new home in a ghost town where she got company from seven very introverted outcasts. As a team of eight, Lynn and her new friends planned on how she was to run for the new college queen. Therefore, the seven introverts gave her all the moral support that she ever needed for her to win the contest. The seven introverts plan to hold a party for Lisa before she could run for college queen. Upon hearing about the party, the selfish members of the sorority plan a malicious move at the scene of the party where in an attempt to kill poor Lynn using a poisoned apple.

Upon eating the apple, Lynn passes out for quite a long time that every person at the party thinks that she had died. Sad and regretful for holding the party, the seven introverts carry Lynn in her beautiful princess dress. To their astonishment, Lynn wakes up on their way to the house, and declares that she was still going to run for the Campus Queen. A week later, the contest is held and Lynn wins the position which helped her transform her College’s cruel and misguided social hierarchy.

An Adaptation of the Film Sleeping Beauty (Aurora) for High School Students

Bernice, a beautiful and cheerful princes, has had an ideally decent life, growing up. Having grown up in a palace and with a loving family, Bernice’s parents believe and hope for the best of their children. One day, police in her neighborhood begin to assault her community people. This, in essence, threatens the peace in the society and as a beautiful, wise and distinguished member of the black community, Bernice rises to fight for the rights of her people. Unfortunately, she does not receive the moral support that she expected her community would accord her.

Upon suffering the ruthless betrayal from her community people, Bernice sets out on a revenge mission, targeting the Chief Sheriff in the locality, who, also brutally assaults Bernice. As part of her revenge mission, Bernice uses her late grandmother’s magical powers and sends a bad spell to the Sheriff’s eldest daughter, Aurora. However, with time, she realizes that unlike her father Aurora was a wise young woman with magical powers equal to her grandmother’s and was ready to fight and seek equal treatment for all the people in the society. With this, Bernice calls off the spell.

An adaptation of The Little Mermaid (Ariel) for College Students

Julie, a young teenager, is dissatisfied of living in her parent’s posh and lavish home in New Jersey. Besides, she is curious about the average life lived by her fellow college students. With the help of her boyfriend, Julie abandons her posh car at school and decides to attend a party held by some of her friends who lived in the ghetto, where she could get a chance to meet and interact with the people from the other side of life. Her boyfriend, Jack, however, is not sure whether that was the best decision for his girlfriend. Determined to learn more about the other side of life, Julie ignores, Jack, and also disregards the words of her wealthy father, who had warned her against strolling in the ghetto.

At the scene of the party, a mystical man asks Julie to dance with him and she more than willingly agrees. During the dance, Julie looked over her shoulder, only to realize that Jack was no longer in the vicinity. Worried and bewildered Julie storms out of the party and runs across the streets calling out for jack, who had mysteriously disappeared. By good luck, Julie is rescued by her father’s subjects who under Julie’s command, set out to find Jack, who through the powers of the mystical man at the party, had been made to vanish from existence.

Realizing that Julie had ordered her father’s subjects to go looking for him, Jack realizes that Julies love was real. In the end, the two lovers marry and live happily ever after.

An Adaptation of Princess Jasmine for University Students

Leila is a beautiful Iranian girl, and daughter of a Muslim Imam. Now Studying in the United States, Leila had moved in with her father who was now working as a professor at her university. Leila’s father had made it clear to her that she was only expected to interact with Men from other religions but was not allowed to fall in love with them.

Upon completing her undergraduate studies, Leila’s father introduced her to Hussein, one of his former students and made it clear that he needed Ali to be Leila’s suitor. However, Leila was displeased with her father’s decision since she had fallen in love with Robert, a handsome young gentleman she had met in college. To her defense, she told her father that she was ready to marry a man from any religious background, as long as her love for him was real, other than just marrying any Muslim man to make her father happy.

Robert, Leila’s lover, assured her that all was going to be okay and the two decided to flee from their homes to a far country where they would both marry without the Imam’s consent. When this happened, the Imam fell ill with worry of his daughter’s whereabouts. He made it public on all media stations that he was willing to let Leila marry Robert as long as she came back home him.

In the end, Robert and Leila marry in a beautiful wedding, and they live happily ever after.

An Adaptation of the Film Beauty and the Beast (Belle) for Middle School Students

Kate Peters is a young teenager living in New York City. With her impeccable beauty, Kate is loved and respected by both her family and friends. One day, as Kate and her mother were sitting in their family’s backyard, a gang of armed men ambushed and held them captive. Kate and her mother were poor and helpless when one of the armed men prompted them to choose who among them was to die in place of the other. Kate’s mother volunteered to save her little daughter’s life and was shot to death.

A couple of weeks later, as Kate was walking along the streets the same gang of men ambushed her, and she felt helpless. To her astonishment, a mysterious beast-like man appeared and rescued her from the mortal men who had killed her mother. Years later, now a mature young woman, Kate finds herself on the trail of the mysterious beast-like man, who had saved her.

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