Free Essay: Social Media Usage Among Young People

Published: 2023-04-18
Free Essay: Social Media Usage Among Young People
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The advancement in technology has led to an increase in the usage of social media amongst the youth. The effects of the rise in the time spent on these sites are adversely felt in their lives. In this essay, I will analyze how the increase in social media use is causing problems in youths' personal and social lives. Making an analysis of the issues highlighted by Oberst, Das, Knorr, and The Washington Post editor will help in understanding this problem and its effects on society.

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One of the issues highlighted is the changes in human behavior that is triggered by the existence of these social sites. Anxiety and depression among young people are issues resulting from the usage of networking platforms. In some instances, the youth may post unethical comments on these sites, and the statements may have a negative outlook on the organization they are serving. The management is compelled to either demote the workers or dismiss them as they work towards maintaining the reputation of a business. The laying off is likely to put the life of the staff members at a critical point with their lives shattered by statements that they make on social sites. When information is fed into the system, it becomes difficult to control the persons that can access it. Das, Biswajit, and Jyoti Shankar Sahoo (2011) state that "There is a narrow gap between private and public life in the age of social networking. Once you put personal data, image, or video on web site, you are helpless to control its distribution."

Oberst, Ursula, et al. (2017) similarly states that information and technology tools have become a critical component in human life, but they are causing changes in their behaviors. Parents and tutors are constantly worrying about the negative, considering that young people will experience due to their continued exposure to social media platforms. The authors note that psychiatric symptoms that are depicted in youths are triggered by internet addiction. People are using them to construct their social identities, and they are controlling their profiles to create their desired self-presentation most of the time, it does not represent their real self. The wrong impression presented tends to have adverse effects on their lives, considering that they are forced to try to live the social site image that they create in real life, which is tough. The author states that "Parents usually worry about their adolescent children being "hooked on Facebook" and spending too much time on SNS and with their smartphones, thus having less involvement with their real-life environment and with school issues."

Knorr (2018) highlights a similar issue to what the other authors are stating regarding the adverse effects that happen in young people's lives due to the extended use of social media. The author states that cyberbullying is a common occurrence among youths who are subjected to emotional and psychological issues by other people that are trying to manipulate them. Depression is another prevalent issue among social media users, and it emanates from various sources, such as the desire to reach a certain level that is depicted in social sites as the right standard in life. A significant number of them are finding emotional support from various teenage platforms. Their naivety and lack of better understanding of issues of life mean that they always get the wrong advice that does not derive the desired outcome. Therefore, instead of their emotional situation improving, they fall into more problems, further complicating the situation. Knorr states that "Grim reports on teen suicide, addiction, cyberbullying and eroding social skills have caused many people to look at social media as a potential contributor-if, not the cause."

Based on the findings in a post "The Harm from Social Media," the editor calls for the need to regulate social media use since it is causing havoc in children's life. The author claims that an increase in mass shootings happening in schools is triggered by the increased usage of social media. Mass shootings are on the rise in the United States, and they have led to the loss of innocent lives over the years. When young people are in anxiety and depression, they are likely to engage in activities that will harm their lives, and there is a great need to ensure that the usage of the social media platform is regulated.

The author of these articles highlights various measures that need to be undertaken to ensure that young people are safe from social media menace. Regulating media usage and being mindful of how they are feeling when using the platform is essential. Parents should talk to their children and let them understand the dangers that are facing them to ensure that they are knowledgeable. It is hard to control its usage fully, but guardians can equip kids with knowledge on the risks of social media to provide them with the ability to make the right decisions. All the authors agree that social media is damaging the lives of young people, and there is a great need to find ways of curbing these problems to preserve the future of these children.

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