Essay Sample on Starbuck's Foreign Entry Strategy

Published: 2023-02-21
Essay Sample on Starbuck's Foreign Entry Strategy
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Starbucks' success in developing and less-developed markets has been due to its brand philosophy. Since its inception in the 1980s, the company strives to offer its customers a relaxing and enjoyable experience while taking their coffee. This aspect of the brand is consistent from the beginning, and the company successfully implements it in all of its stores across the world. The company also consistently defies conventional wisdom and builds its brand pursuant to things that are otherwise "unimportant." Instead of focusing on aggressive advertising and cost-cutting, the company chose to focus on odd procedures, to enhance the excitement in new markets in developing and less developed countries.

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Contrary to most companies, Starbucks partners with its employees by giving them health insurance and stock options, a move that made the company succeed massively in such markets. The company also focused on gathering customer insight in such markets, which is indifferent to a company of its stature. Through the provision of pleasurable and unbeatable customer experience, the company continues to be successful in new markets, while also focusing on the quality of its service.

The growth of the number of Starbucks stores worldwide will continue all over the world into more countries, due to its brand strategy and communication. It is logical to assert that the company significantly invests in the creation of a standardized look and feel for its customers in all the stores. The global expansion strategy is pivotal in the recreation of the company's experience in every new country it ventures into, resulting in an identical experience regardless of the location. This strategy is the foundation of the company's success over the years and continues to be relevant to change times. This fact makes it possible for the company to continue opening new stores in new markets, to continue expanding worldwide. Its communication of the brand is also phenomenal, and there is a significant investment there as well. With its global brand campaign focusing on its products, there is no reason why the company will not continue to expand into new countries.

Even with the stepping down of the company's CEO, Howard Schultz, it is highly unlikely that the company will change its foreign market entry in any way. Schultz is undoubtedly the company's international market entry driver, as he spearheaded the process, but it now has adequate capacity to deal with new market entries as the culture demands. The company's brand strategy, philosophy, and communication are so strong that it is challenging to alter them in any way. With strong marketing, branding, and connection behind the scenes at the company, there is a feeling that it will only continue to thrive, regardless of the change at the top of the company. Further, the company continues to invest heavily to ensure that its branding remains top-notch and appealing to new markets. Kevin R. Johnson, who was placed to replace Schultz, can steer the company forward, also maintain the high standards the company had during the reigns of the former CEO. Just like Schultz, Johnson is widely successful as a CEO and businessman, and therefore, he has what it takes to lead Starbucks. The company will continue to focus on customers' feel and experiences in their stores and will continue to acquire more competitiveness in the industry, even without Schultz at the helm.

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